Monday, December 12, 2016

Groupe Sans-Gain - 1981 - Cire tes souliers (vinyl rip @320)

Not available on CD

The double CD "Cire tes souliers" available on the market is a compilation and not a version of this album

A1     An Dro "Tes Jolis Sabots"
A2     Scottich. Suite Traditionnelle
A3     Cercle Circassien. "Feux De La Saint-Jean" + Suite Groupe Sans-Gain
A4     Bourrée à 3 Temps. "Saint-Germain De Confolens"
A5     Branle Double. Suite De Branles Lorrains
A6     Gavotte. Suite Traditionnelle
B1     Polka. Suite Américaine - Alsacienne    
B2     Laride. "Mon Père Il M'a Mariée"
B3     Bourrée à 2 Temps. "Derrirère Chez Nous Il Y A Une Montagne"
B4     Two Step. "Le Petit Léon"
B5     Valse. "Les Moissonneurs"
B6     Reel-Jig. "Reel à Aline" + Suite de Jigs

The Groupe Sans-Gain is a group of Lorrain folk music.
The group was founded in 1964, at the very beginning of the revival of musical folklore in France and Europe.
His compositions are original, often inspired by traditional themes, and interpreted with a mix of ancient and modern instruments.
The name of the "Groupe Sans-Gain" comes from its non-profit association structure, the members being all volunteers and the gains to pay the operating costs.
Groupe Sans-Gain celebrated its 50th anniversary on Friday, May 9, 2014 at the Olympia.


Left Blank said...

Cire tes souliers

Yojik said...

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Left Blank!

Yuriy Chernyshov said...

Great music, thanks!

Do you have more of their recordings?

Jim said...

80% of Mega NZ gives a fault and must I forget them.

CrimsonKing said...

Strange. This is the first time I read anyone complaining about Mega's service.

Jon said...

Every once in awhile over the years I've had Mega just basically stall on me without completing a download. I usually just abort it and try it again later. I suspect that is what happened to Jim. No rhyme or reason. Just happens and then the next time it works. I had no trouble with this file earlier today.

CrimsonKing said...

Maybe it's some kind of technical problem, like over traffic. I don't know. Mega is a free service, and thinking so, was the best I could find to host FY files.

Jim said...


I already give up any download at mega because I have the same fault for more than two years.

CrimsonKing said...

I'm sorry, but Mega generally works well for everyone.

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