Monday, December 26, 2016

Pekel - Dijkfolk (2006 Netherlands) @320

Pekel is a 4-piece ensemble that plays traditional music from The Netherlands, often arranged and adapted to modern
influences. On this disc are also several own-composed
melodies and songs in which their traditional roots are clearly recognizable. This is their 5th CD and it proves that Pekel is the leading traditional band of The Netherlands. Instruments include acccordion, keyboards, cistern, guitars, bagpipes, recorder, flutes, jew’s harp, percussion, violin, saz, viola.
1. Marguerite     5:01
2. De Stilte Voor De Storm     5:08
3. Franse Frits     3:08
4. Jan Soldaat     3:52
5. De Hongerige Matroos / Kermisgans     4:14
6. Vaarwel Bruidje Schoon     4:12
7. Madlot / Baonopstekker / Gort Met Stroop     4:00
8. Heimwee     5:34
9. Wieringen / Kielzog     4:23
10. Boerinneke Van Buiten     3:12
11. Vagevuur En Spijt     3:58
12. Swart Laat Je Scheren     7:21

Erno Korpershoe - Accordion, Keyboards, Vocals
Theo Schuurmans - Bagpipes, Vocals, Percussion, Jew's Harp, Flute, Tin Whistle
Peter Moree - Guitar, Zither, Bagpipes, Recorder, Vocals
John Bazuijnen - Vocals, Double Bass, Guitar
Hans Troost - Violin, Viola (tracks: 1, 2, 5, 7, 12) 


Yojik said...


flyra said...

Exceptional! Thanks!

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Thank you greatly for taking the time and effort to share your love of music with us.

Your generosity is very much appreciated.

A multitude of knowledge has been gained through exposure to your blogspot.

Thank you.

All the very best for 2017.


Douglas (UK)

Anonymous said...

@ Yojik,
oh my god, what a wonderful album.
Best Christmas wish ever.

Yojik said...

You`re welcome, friends!

Skylamb said...

I agree with the others.

I am thoroughly enjoying Pekel, and will immediately download their other album to enjoy as well! :D

Thank you, Sir Yojik

Anonymous said...

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