Monday, January 2, 2017

Brigada Victor Jara - 1977 (Portugal) - Eito Fora @320

This 1995 edition on CD is very hard to find.
A very beautiful album.

The Brigada Víctor Jara (Portuguese for Víctor Jara Brigade) is a Portuguese folk band, with a career of more than 30 years and among the most influential bands of the Portuguese folk.
The band was formed in 1975, by a group of young people from Coimbra that was participating in one of the massive literacy campaigns carried out by the provisional governments that administered Portugal in the years after the Carnation Revolution of 1974.

01 Cantiga da Ceifa (Beira-Alta)
02 Coro das Ma‡adeiras (Minho)
03 Ao Romper da Bela Aurora (Alto Alentejo
04 O Senhor da Serra  Meu (Ribatejo)
05 Cantiga Do Bombo (Beira-Baixa)
06 Manolo Mio (Tras-Os-Montes)
07 Pezinho da Vila (Açores)
08 Senhora Do Almortao (Beira-Baixa)
09 O Anel Que Tu Me Deste (Douro Litoral)
10 Mariao (Tras-Os-Montes)
11 Baile Mandado (Algarve)


Left Blank said...

eito fora

[work] said...

Excellent group of music that in 2015 celebrated 40 years of life. Listen to the other discs in the group.

Anonymous said...

It's incredible, I had been looking for this album for years until I gave up. And here it is. Thanks!

pescador2007 said...

Bom dia
Obrigado por publicar



CrimsonKing said...

Um grupo importante!
Merece mesmo ser publicado.

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