Saturday, January 7, 2017

Faburden - 337 (2016 France) @320

Faburden draws its identity from the soil of the Traditional Music of Gascony... adding various sound experiments.
The result is a music of solid, rooted and magmatic dance that changes constantly.
The traditional instruments (hurdy-gurdy, violin, bagpipes of the Landes de Gascogne, string tambourine) associated with the drums and a fantasy of musicians creating a timeless music, both very old and modern.
The codes of the dance music of Gascogne are respected and transcended. The compositions of this album merge with traditional melodies, but in an innovative, powerful and limitless atmosphere.
Matèu Baudoin : Chant, Tambourin à cordes
Arnaud Bibonne : Bohas, Bohassas
Julien Esteves : Batterie, Percussion
Simon Guillaumin : Vielle à roue ténor éléctroacoustique, Vielle à roue soprano
Camille Raibaud : Violon
1. Suite de rondeaux
2.  Scottish cagette - La chenille
3. Bourrée du Berry - Bourrée de sauvetage
4. Valse 337
5. Vlase des cinq étangs
6. Bourrée du bonhomme de neige - Bourrée de Carbon Blanc
7. Mazurka des champs - Mazurka de l'armoire
8. N'am Traversat nau lanas
9. La diligente - Le vent de lève
10. Nau Plumetas qu'a l'Auca
11. Tres son seroletas - Mazurka de lothbrok
12. Les bohas d'Uzeste - Congo du 49.3
13. 13. Suite de rondeaux des Landes


Yojik said...


Yojik said...


Balaitou said...

Thank you very much Yojik.

Camille Raibaud, leader and very fine violonist of Faburden, belongs to the North of Gascogne, not very far from Bordeaux... This can explain the wish to mix tradition with something new....

He's playing more traditional with group "La Forcelle", with Lolita Delmonteil -Ayral.

May be an album to compare with a very good group from Gascogne: "La Base Duo", i think.

Have a nice week end !

Yojik said...

You`re welcome, Balaitou!
I know about "La Forcelle", thanks. La Base Duo is new for me.

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