Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hedningarna - Kult (Sweden 2016) @320

20 never before released tunes that make an audacious summary of a truly strange, brave and creative band.
The producer Dag Lundqvist has now mixed the 20 songs recorded between 1992 and 2006.
All constallations of the band throughout the years are represented on this CD.

In 1992 Hedningarna had a great break through with their very own mixture of Scandinavian folkmusic and the female Finnish singers runosong which together became a whole new genre of music that seemed to come from the earth itself.
It echoed far across the ocean to USA where some papers cried out ”This is the next big thing!” and the Spaniards evidently felt some kind of relationship with the sucking threestep of the Swedish polska and embraced the band to their hearts.
Rock clubs and festivals booked them to the largest stages and the tours were many and long and went across Europe and USA for some hectic years.
They became an inspiration to other folk musicians and got a lot of followers, but the interest from media died down and the door to the rock scene is nowadays very narrow.
Still, Hedningarna’s creativity never died down and at every recording session there has been some tunes left over. The members have changed over the years around the core Anders Norudde and Hållbus Totte Mattsson and on the CD Kult they are all represented. The producer Dag Lundqvist has now mixed the 20 songs recorded between 1992 and 2006.

1. Älgen Äter / Hanna-PerOls
2. Renkvist
3. Ruoskan Roiske
4. Kanalaulu
5. Röjsekatten
6. Gyttorp
7. Björnlåten
8. Ságojohka
9. Rieben – Vandringen
10. Stackaren
11. Itketys
12. Manatu
13. Kaaten Sanat
14. Vettoi
15. Norra Hunna
16. Bulldog
17. Sue-Olvo
18. Kuule Kuu
19. Hilen Hurtta
20. Björnskytten-Fupolskan


CrimsonKing said...

Password: folkyourself.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Hello CrimsonKing.
Thanks. A 'new' record from Hedningarna is always okay!

Nuno said...

Text really says everything!
Hedningarna are among my favourite bands!
Once again, thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hello CrimsonKing,

Once agian thanks for this album.
Hedningarna are great.
Congratulations for Folkyourself!

Anonymous said...

am i retarded? i can not download anything or is it possible here?

arhopterix said...

thank YOU CrimsonKing !!
hello from Poland :-)

CrimsonKing said...

Have you tried to click the first comment on this page? Click over the name of the album.

Baterista Pirografista said...

Please. Do you know the year in which each "Kult" song was recorded?
Greetings from Spain.

CrimsonKing said...

KULT: Dates & Credits

Baterista Pirografista said...

OK... I have download "Kult" and found the link with the dates of each recording (https://silence.se/artister/credits-kult/). Thanks for this. HEDNINGARNA is my favourite european band for the last two decades.

Anonymous said...

thank you! this is great. happy to have leftovers from various eras of the band to check out decades later! even their cast-offs are still pretty fantastic.

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