Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Kapela Ze Wsi Warszawa (Warsaw Village Band) - Infinity (2009 Poland) @320

Here is the latest, already the fourth studio album by Warsaw Village Band, our next, long–awaited child;  and it was in fact the birth of a little human being that became the direct inspiration and cause for the creation of this album. In such situations, certain moments come when, lying beside the child, you observe its breathing, and you start to think about the countless, nameless generations that preceded us. You imagine those for whom we ourselves are going to be just an anonymous past without a face. After all, we are all born in a particular place and time, and shaped by culture of our ancestors. We live in big cities, seek our place on earth, lose old gods and find new ones, people, shelters, pictures, so that later we can hand them down to our children, who are born in a particular place and time, seek their place on earth, lose old gods and find new ones, people, shelters, pictures, so that later.. You begin feeling it clearly the moment you call others into being. No matter whether you live in Japan, the US, England, Germany or Poland – behind you stand the same generations, which like the rings of a tree, have accumulated their every trace in music, art, language – in a word – CULTURE. You emerge from it, enrich it and then pass it on. Ad infinitum. And here is how the idea of "Infinity" came into being – the need to take a dip in tradition, derive from it and create contemporary and modern compositions – to inspire other generations. 
Once again! 
 Wojtek Krzak

01. Wise Kid Song
02. 1,5 h
03. Over The Forest
04. Skip Funk
05. Is Anybody In There?
06. Heartbeat (Maja & Natu IncarNated chant)
07. Polska Fran Polska
08. Lazy Johnny Dance
09. Polka Story
10. I've Met The Girl
11. Little Baby Blues
12. Circle No. 1

Maja Kleszcz – vocals, cello 
Magdalena Sobczak–Kotnarowska – vocals, dulcimer 
Sylwia Swiatkowska – vocals, violin, suka, fiddle from Plock
Wojtek Krzak – violin, violin 7/8, nyckelharpa, drums 
Piotr Glinski – baraban drum, percussion 
Maciej Szajkowski - frame drums 


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I had been waiting for another album of this great band! Thank you very much!

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I will post more soon.

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