Sunday, January 15, 2017

La Forcelle - Lestrille (2014 France) @320

The Forcelle presents his second album. You will find roundels Landes and Lomagne, a Correnta and energetic congo, evidence of the Gascon anchor the group. But you will also hear the Galician colors, Swedish, all in the poetic universe of the duo that mixes tradition and creation.

A sensitive musical background, two musicians in symbiosis, great energy, some suspicions of humor, love and delicacy ... These are the ingredients that unite the duo, eager to share with the dancers, the music lover or simply loafer .
(google translate, sorry)

1. Suite de rondeaux
2. Mazurka do veilho / Mazurka à Camille
3. Scottish de Aby / Septentrionale
4. Cercle de Barbastro / Diaz / Des moines
5. Rondeau de Lestrille / Bourdillan
6. Loliña / Noche en Barbastro
7. Suite de Congos
8. Ivana / Mazurka de Montcuq
9. Suite de bourrées
10. Scottish dark
11. Courante de Joseph Roméo
12. L'amolaire / Les Valcerves
Lolita Delmonteil-Ayral (accordéons diatoniques, chant)
Camille Raibaud (violon)
Invité : 
Arnaud Bibonne (cornemuse des landes de Gascogne)


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