Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Triakel - Triakel [1998 Sweden] @320

With just four pumps of the harmonium, Garmarna vocalist Emma Härdelin, Hoven Droven fiddler Kjell-Erik Eriksson, and harmonium player Janne Strömstedt unleash "Old Sara," a taut, stark-naked dirge that serves as the leadoff track to their wondrous self-titled debut for Northside Records. Triakel tackle traditional Scandinavian folk music with a reverence that belies their youth, bringing to mind Shirley and Dolly Collins' arrangements of English folk songs in the '50s and '60s. Härdelin's round, throaty wonder of a voice wraps itself around each and every word like candle wax, preserving the melody beneath a blanket of lilting vowels and rolling Rs. Like all good traditional sets, this one focuses on the genre's most common themes: love, murder, sex, and madness. That this talented group can deliver these
pieces with such a remarkable blend of gentleness and fury -- using only three instruments -- is truly a feat. One needs only to listen to a few seconds of "In Paradise" or "Birthday Party" to be completely immersed. By the time the listener arrives at the icy closer, "Fair Young Love," the warm center of this trio's debut begins to glow brighter, and the vastness of Triakel's seemingly simple vision is revealed.

01 - Gammel Sara
02 - I himmelen
03 - I fjol gjett je gjeita
04 - Tusen tankar
05 - Mjölnarens måg
06 - Oväntad bröllopsgäst
07 - Om dagen står du städs för mig
08 - Födelsedagsfesten
09 - Alla gossar
10 - Lapp-Nils Polska
11 - Lejonbruden
12 - En vacker vän

Harmonium – Janne Strömstedt 
Violin – Kjell-Erik Eriksson 
Vocals – Emma Härdelin


CrimsonKing said...

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BID said...

Thank you!

rogue46 said...

Thanks for sharing!

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Anonymous said...

I never get tired of this beautiful introspective record. i don't always drink wine but cranking this on an old school hi-fi with some wine is the cure-all for mid-week stress.
Saw them live several times in the US ... once in a very picturesque setting near the mountains of Virginia. i might have cried lol...

CrimsonKing said...

Nice Anonymous :)
I'm happy with your feeling with this group.
And always will be best accompanied by a good wine.


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