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Gwendal - Live in Getxo (2016 France) @320

This last week of May will be released the latest work of the Breton group Gwendal, "Live in Getxo" in Discover Getxo were lucky enough to meet and interview. On this album, it was recorded on September 5, 2015 live at the Folk Getxo in Las Arenas tent, and gave an overview of an entire career of over 40 years on stage.
At the concert they were accompanied by some of the most important artists of the folk music of the state: the Galician and Asturian bagpipers, Anxo Lorenzo and Ruben Alba, respectively; Xabi trikitilari the vizcaíno Aburruzaga and Galician piper Ruben Diez. The publication will be available on all digital platforms and in stores. In addition to the CD will be a special edition DVD and later a vinyl edition.
It will be a launch promotion at international level in the specialized media and networks, presentations and firms in Paris, Brest, Lorient, Brussels, Porto, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Sevilla, Asturias.
This will be the starting point for a concert tour to celebrate the 45th anniversary on stage, which will start as a concert on April 16 in the Folixa Na Mieres Spring Festival commemorating his 20th edition. (Getxoberri)

1 Pilo Rosso 5:14
2 Gave Hot 4:16
3 Stone Eire [feat. Anxo Lorenzo] 3:59
4 Stone Jig [feat. Anxo Lorenzo] 3:44
5 Skai Reel [feat. Rubén Díez] 7:17
6 Glaz Noz 5:03
7 Joke 3:28
8 Basquette [feat. Xabi Aburruzaga] 5:55
9 Noces de Granit [feat. Ruben Alba] 7:14
10 Date Prisa 4:25
11 Steren 4:11
12 Suite d'Arree 9:53
13 Reel Legend 3:41
14 Stand All 4:18
15 Irish Jig 6:43

Saturday, February 25, 2017


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La Base Duo - Lo Bas Temps (2013 France) @320

Musique trad folk de Gascogne

1. Le Roi Renaud (rondeau)
2. La Bergerie (bourée planière)
3. Damisèla (scottish)
4. Lo Bas-Temps (mazurka)
5. La Bach En Terre Plane (branle d`ossau)
6. Blu Boha (bourée 2 temps)
7. Les Dernières Roses (mazurka)
8. La Craba Congo (congo)
9. Novèth Ostau (gavotte)
10. Los 4 Gatons (rondeau)

Didier OLIVER : Violon, Boha, Flûtes, Pércussions, Voix
Joachim MONTBORD : Cuatro, Boha, Percussions, Voix

Friday, February 24, 2017

Rue Pascale Quartet - Poésie Urbaine (France 2010) @320

Flute, soprano sax, trombone, alto sax enrich the warm sound of the old electro and diato.
This formula a perfect complement melodies are light, counter-singing, rhythmic, and improvisation, always remaining at the service of dance.
Popular and invigorating, the colours harmonics reinforced by the flute and the trombone, the ball Rue Pascale Quartet has already conquered many of the dancers at the various balls and festivals.

Fabrice Guignard (trombone à coulisse)
Grégory Jolivet (Vielle alto, lap steel, effets)
Thierry Pinson (accordéon diatonique, saxophone alto)
Cyril Berthet (Flûte traversière, saxophone soprano)

1. Laura
2. La fannette
3. La planche / Les laulaus
4. La rêveuse du 13e
5. Pitôme
6. Harmoniac
7. La rose et le rosier
8. Ani
9. La tornade
10. Lisboa

V.A. - 2005 - La musique bretonne - L'anthologie vol.2 (2CD) - Les groupes à danser

CD 01

01. ARVEST E kroazhent ma buhez
02. ARKAN Dub & drone
03. BIVOAC L'épongiste
04. BRUG AR MENEZ Gavotte de Bannalec
05. DALC'H SONJ Hag ar blez-man
06. DEUS 'TA Dañs-tro mod ar poher
07. FORZH PENAOS Petit air pour se serrer dans les fêtes
08. LES FRERES GUICHEN Ker an dour
09. IHNZE Guedenn
10. KATE ME La beauté à quoi sert-elle ?
11. KENDON Scottish
12. KOSKERIEN La danse
13. LIAMM Ar miliner laer
14. MANGLO Suite de la barbais
15. NIJAL Dérila

CD 02

01. PSG Andro PSG
02. DAVID PASQUET GROUP Andro waraok
03. PENNGOLLO Lez ar drina
04. PLANTEC Kalon
05. ROZAROUN Les filles de Questembert
06. SKEDUZ Téquila pourlet
07. STARTIJENN Bron's battle ton doubl
08. STRAKAL Rond des cousins
09. STROBINELL Plinn klervi-ton doubl
10. TALAR De 6 à 7...
11. TERMAJIK Suite fisel
12. TRIBUIL Suite de Loudéac
13. TRI YANN Fransozig
14. WIG A WAG E ti Lisa

Les Piliers de Bal - Open Bal (France 2013) @320

Les Piliers de Bal, these are 6 young musicians from Berry, proposed a ball in their own image : warm, friendly and modern, between tradition and renewal.
Their creed is, it is the open ball : a ball with a unifying and dynamic.

1. Power bourrée (bourrée 2 temps)
2. Agitation (scottish)
3. Polka d'el pipo (polka)
4. Valse carpone (valse)
5. La coop (bourrée 3 temps)

Céline Vaschalde (violon alto)
François Girault (flûtes à bec, saxophone alto)
Sylvain Pinoteau (cornemuse, clarinette)
Rémy Molina (guitare, basse, bouzouki, stomp)
Etienne Pinoteau (Vielle à roue alto électro-acoustique)
Pierre Girault (Vielle à roue électro-acoustique)

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Home Service - Early Transmissions [1984 England] @320

The Home Service was formed by a group of jobbing musicians who were basically working the London theatres, and they became the house band for the National Theatre, where they provided the music for, amongst other things, Bill Bryden's spectacular vision - the production of The Mysteries, a way-marker for English theatre and also an acknowledgement of the English folk revival. It was an eight-piece band with Bill Caddick on vocals and guitar, Jonathan Davie on bass guitar, Howard Evans on trumpets, Michael Gregory on drums, Steve King on keyboards, John Tams on vocals, Graeme Taylor on guitars and vocals, and Roger Williams on trombone. The brass and drums allied with electric guitar and keyboards generated a powerhouse of music, and made Home Service a band with attitude, a band with balls, and a band with the skill and the confidence to let the music dominate. This album is a compilation of their first LP recording of 1984 plus their 45rpm single (remember them?) from 1981.
~Mel Howley~

01 - Don't Let Them Grind You Down
02 - One More Day
03 - Never Gonna Be A Cowboy Now
04 - Peat Bog Soldiers
05 - Chaconne
06 - The Old Man's Song
07 - Doin' The Best I Can
08 - She Moves Among Men
09 - Walk My Way
10 - Doing The Inglish
11 - Bramsley

Bass – Jonathan Davie
Dobro – Bill Caddick
Drums – Michael Gregory (2)
Guitar – Graeme Taylor
Keyboards – Steve King (4)
Percussion – Michael Gregory (2)
Trombone – Roger Williams
Trumpet – Howard Evans
Vocals – Bill Caddick, Graeme Taylor, John Tams

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Blå Bergens Borduner - Inga könstiheter (Sweden 2015) @320

1. Släng polskan
2. Ppp
3. Gullbrand
4. Mäster Ekholms polska
5. Gånglåt från Äppelbo Finnmark
6. Rulins far
7. Mjölnar Johansson
8. Grabbarnas intåg i medeltiden
9. Ljusa o bruna polskan
10. Tre polketter
11. Morgapolskan
12. Magdalena
13. Skåska
14. Stålbadet

Anders Norudde Stake: Swedish bagpipes, violin, moraharpa, Hardanger fiddle and recorder.
Ulf Karlsson: violin and bagpipes
Göran "Freddy" Fredriksson: bouzouki, guitar and hurdy-gurdy
Stefan Ekedahl: cello, flute and bagpipes

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Tükrös - Tükrös tábor (Hungary 2002) @192

01. Gömör: Vasvári verbunk és frisse 4.27
02. Gömör: Juhásznóta, csárdás és friss 8.06
03. Abaúj: Györkei verbunk 2.22
04. Abaúj: "Édesanyám súgok néked valamit" 1.22
05. Abaúj: Magyarbődi csárdás és friss 8.25
06. Szatmár: Pásztornóták 4.20
07. Szatmár: Verbunk, csárdás és ugrós 8.08
08. Magyarpalatka (Mezőség): Ritka és sűrű magyar 5.19
09. Magyarpalatka (Mezőség): Egy pár: lassú cigánytánc, rítka csárdás, szökős és sűrű csárdás 15.15
10. Magyarpalatka (Mezőség): Korcsos 3.21

Éva Korpás: voice
Gergely Koncz: violin
Attila Halmos: violin
Péter Árendás: viola
Endre Liber: cimbalom, viola
András Lelkes: double bass
Attila Oláh: voice (02)
László Papp: voice, rhythmic shouts (06, 07,09)
Levente Lajkó: voice, rhythmic shouts (06, 09)

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Steeleye Span - Dodgy Bastards (England 2016) @320

In an age when it is not uncommon for an artist to take five years to follow up a successful album, the creativity that Steeleye Span displayed in their early years is still astonishing. In the decade between their debut and 1980’s Sails Of Silver, they released twelve records alongside touring the world and enjoying a string of hits. Now with their 50th anniversary fast approaching, the band have come close to matching that work rate – readying themselves for the release of Dodgy Bastards, their eighth album in twelve years.

Such inspiration has come both from the individuals involved (Steeleye mainstays Maddy Prior, Rick Kemp and Liam Genockey alongside Jessie May Smart, Andrew Sinclair and Julian Littman in the current line-up) and the source material. Having set the writings of the late Terry Pratchett to music on the successful Wintersmith album and revisited their own past on 2015’s Catch Up, this latest outing finds them returning to the folk tales and characters that have always been at the heart of the Steeleye sound.

Dodgy Bastards draws on the work of 19th century American scholar Francis James Child and his collection of English and Scottish Ballads. The album is appropriately titled, containing stories of murder, religion, incest, skulls, honour killings and tormented spirits – the perfect subject material for Steeleye Span’s dark take on the music of the British Isles.

Such epic tales require a suitable musical backdrop and the record is firmly in the band’s classic musical mould. ‘Brown Robyn’s Confession’ sets the tone but with a new twist, violinist Jessie May Smart taking the lead vocal before the distinct tones of Maddy Prior join her on the striking chorus. Elsewhere each member plays their part, allowing the music to explore a variety of different paths as the songs ebb and flow in keeping with their characters and events – with Prior and Littman even adding a spoken word / rap element to long time band favourite ‘Boys Of Bedlam’.
Always moving forward, always in touch with their roots, Steeleye Span are as 
inspired and as inspirational as ever.

– Phil Udell

1. Cruel Brother
2. All Things Quite Silent
3. Johnnie Armstrong
4. Boys of Bedlam
5. Brown Robyn’s Confession
6. Two Sisters
7. Cromwell’s Skull
8. Dodgy Bastards
9. Gulliver Gentle and Rosemary
10. The Gardener
11. Bad Bones
12. The Lofty Tall Ship/Shallow Brown

Maddy Prior, vocals;
Jessica May Smart, violin, lead vocals [5];
Julian Littman, guitar, mandolin, keyboards, vocals;
Andrew ‘Spud’ Sinclair, guitar, vocals;
Rick Kemp, bass, vocals;
Liam Genockey, drums, percussion
with guests:
John Spiers, melodeon;
Hattie Webb, harp

All tracks trad. except
Track 7 Rick Kemp;
Track 8 Andrew Sinclair;
Track 11 Julian Littman

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