Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Gwendal - Live in Getxo (2016 France) @320

This last week of May will be released the latest work of the Breton group Gwendal, "Live in Getxo" in Discover Getxo were lucky enough to meet and interview. On this album, it was recorded on September 5, 2015 live at the Folk Getxo in Las Arenas tent, and gave an overview of an entire career of over 40 years on stage.
At the concert they were accompanied by some of the most important artists of the folk music of the state: the Galician and Asturian bagpipers, Anxo Lorenzo and Ruben Alba, respectively; Xabi trikitilari the vizcaíno Aburruzaga and Galician piper Ruben Diez. The publication will be available on all digital platforms and in stores. In addition to the CD will be a special edition DVD and later a vinyl edition.
It will be a launch promotion at international level in the specialized media and networks, presentations and firms in Paris, Brest, Lorient, Brussels, Porto, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Sevilla, Asturias.
This will be the starting point for a concert tour to celebrate the 45th anniversary on stage, which will start as a concert on April 16 in the Folixa Na Mieres Spring Festival commemorating his 20th edition. (Getxoberri)

1 Pilo Rosso 5:14
2 Gave Hot 4:16
3 Stone Eire [feat. Anxo Lorenzo] 3:59
4 Stone Jig [feat. Anxo Lorenzo] 3:44
5 Skai Reel [feat. Rubén Díez] 7:17
6 Glaz Noz 5:03
7 Joke 3:28
8 Basquette [feat. Xabi Aburruzaga] 5:55
9 Noces de Granit [feat. Ruben Alba] 7:14
10 Date Prisa 4:25
11 Steren 4:11
12 Suite d'Arree 9:53
13 Reel Legend 3:41
14 Stand All 4:18
15 Irish Jig 6:43


Yojik said...

Live in Getxo
pass: folkyourself.blogspot.com

jose javier de jesus said...

Hola. Getxo corresponde a un pueblo de España, situado en el País Vasco, en la provincia de Bizcaia (Vizcaya), que posee un gran festival de Jazz de reconocimiento internacional, además de otras actividades igualmente interesante.
Enhorabuena por el blog. Interesantísimo.

juan manuel muñoz said...

muchas gracias, saludos

Francisco Manuel Galvez Ulloa said...

Buena músiva

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