Friday, February 24, 2017

Les Piliers de Bal - Open Bal (France 2013) @320

Les Piliers de Bal, these are 6 young musicians from Berry, proposed a ball in their own image : warm, friendly and modern, between tradition and renewal.
Their creed is, it is the open ball : a ball with a unifying and dynamic.

1. Power bourrée (bourrée 2 temps)
2. Agitation (scottish)
3. Polka d'el pipo (polka)
4. Valse carpone (valse)
5. La coop (bourrée 3 temps)

Céline Vaschalde (violon alto)
François Girault (flûtes à bec, saxophone alto)
Sylvain Pinoteau (cornemuse, clarinette)
Rémy Molina (guitare, basse, bouzouki, stomp)
Etienne Pinoteau (Vielle à roue alto électro-acoustique)
Pierre Girault (Vielle à roue électro-acoustique)


Yojik said...

Open Bal

Jean M said...

Thanks very much for posting this little gem - such a shame this young band didn't stay together.

Yojik said...

You`re welcome, Jean M.

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