Sunday, February 5, 2017

Steeleye Span - Dodgy Bastards (England 2016) @320

In an age when it is not uncommon for an artist to take five years to follow up a successful album, the creativity that Steeleye Span displayed in their early years is still astonishing. In the decade between their debut and 1980’s Sails Of Silver, they released twelve records alongside touring the world and enjoying a string of hits. Now with their 50th anniversary fast approaching, the band have come close to matching that work rate – readying themselves for the release of Dodgy Bastards, their eighth album in twelve years.

Such inspiration has come both from the individuals involved (Steeleye mainstays Maddy Prior, Rick Kemp and Liam Genockey alongside Jessie May Smart, Andrew Sinclair and Julian Littman in the current line-up) and the source material. Having set the writings of the late Terry Pratchett to music on the successful Wintersmith album and revisited their own past on 2015’s Catch Up, this latest outing finds them returning to the folk tales and characters that have always been at the heart of the Steeleye sound.

Dodgy Bastards draws on the work of 19th century American scholar Francis James Child and his collection of English and Scottish Ballads. The album is appropriately titled, containing stories of murder, religion, incest, skulls, honour killings and tormented spirits – the perfect subject material for Steeleye Span’s dark take on the music of the British Isles.

Such epic tales require a suitable musical backdrop and the record is firmly in the band’s classic musical mould. ‘Brown Robyn’s Confession’ sets the tone but with a new twist, violinist Jessie May Smart taking the lead vocal before the distinct tones of Maddy Prior join her on the striking chorus. Elsewhere each member plays their part, allowing the music to explore a variety of different paths as the songs ebb and flow in keeping with their characters and events – with Prior and Littman even adding a spoken word / rap element to long time band favourite ‘Boys Of Bedlam’.
Always moving forward, always in touch with their roots, Steeleye Span are as 
inspired and as inspirational as ever.

– Phil Udell

1. Cruel Brother
2. All Things Quite Silent
3. Johnnie Armstrong
4. Boys of Bedlam
5. Brown Robyn’s Confession
6. Two Sisters
7. Cromwell’s Skull
8. Dodgy Bastards
9. Gulliver Gentle and Rosemary
10. The Gardener
11. Bad Bones
12. The Lofty Tall Ship/Shallow Brown

Maddy Prior, vocals;
Jessica May Smart, violin, lead vocals [5];
Julian Littman, guitar, mandolin, keyboards, vocals;
Andrew ‘Spud’ Sinclair, guitar, vocals;
Rick Kemp, bass, vocals;
Liam Genockey, drums, percussion
with guests:
John Spiers, melodeon;
Hattie Webb, harp

All tracks trad. except
Track 7 Rick Kemp;
Track 8 Andrew Sinclair;
Track 11 Julian Littman


CrimsonKing said...

Dodgy Bastards

Anonymous said...

Err... Mega requires an encryption key? Que?

CrimsonKing said...

Working fine here.

Greenmanharper said...

Such a treasure is this recording!!

Have been following them since 1971 and they only get better!
What would make this even better would to be have the liner notes if they are available.

Many, many thanks.

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