Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Home Service - Early Transmissions [1984 England] @320

The Home Service was formed by a group of jobbing musicians who were basically working the London theatres, and they became the house band for the National Theatre, where they provided the music for, amongst other things, Bill Bryden's spectacular vision - the production of The Mysteries, a way-marker for English theatre and also an acknowledgement of the English folk revival. It was an eight-piece band with Bill Caddick on vocals and guitar, Jonathan Davie on bass guitar, Howard Evans on trumpets, Michael Gregory on drums, Steve King on keyboards, John Tams on vocals, Graeme Taylor on guitars and vocals, and Roger Williams on trombone. The brass and drums allied with electric guitar and keyboards generated a powerhouse of music, and made Home Service a band with attitude, a band with balls, and a band with the skill and the confidence to let the music dominate. This album is a compilation of their first LP recording of 1984 plus their 45rpm single (remember them?) from 1981.
~Mel Howley~

01 - Don't Let Them Grind You Down
02 - One More Day
03 - Never Gonna Be A Cowboy Now
04 - Peat Bog Soldiers
05 - Chaconne
06 - The Old Man's Song
07 - Doin' The Best I Can
08 - She Moves Among Men
09 - Walk My Way
10 - Doing The Inglish
11 - Bramsley

Bass – Jonathan Davie
Dobro – Bill Caddick
Drums – Michael Gregory (2)
Guitar – Graeme Taylor
Keyboards – Steve King (4)
Percussion – Michael Gregory (2)
Trombone – Roger Williams
Trumpet – Howard Evans
Vocals – Bill Caddick, Graeme Taylor, John Tams


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