Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Griff Trio - Yoraré (Belgium 2014) @320

The album YORARE by Griff Trio is the result of 10 years of playing together, meeting people all over the world and hours of questioning themselves about their artistic identity. Until this album, their music was a lucky melting pot of different tunes from different parts of Europe. The more exotic, the better!
But slowly, the idea to work with their own traditional music, the underrated Belgian folk music, started to grow.
Putting their nose into dusty Walloon manuscripts, old Flemish songbooks or listening to rattling field recordings was like reading grandparent's personal diaries. Simple people's stories, anecdotes of yesteryears, humble melodies of street dances…
They could have played those melodies in their most rough form, like a bunch of photocopies, but they preferred to confront them to their imagination and artistic desires...
So no nostalgia in this record, but the breath of 21st century troubadours. 

01. Les Rescapés du Bal Champêtre
02. Oh! Ma Mère
03. Bargoensch Drinklied
04. Menuet de l'Hermite
05. Hôliolô
06. Naar Oostland
07. L'argent du Meunier
08. Hansken
09. Berceuse de Maffle
10. Mali Maffle
11. Ballet sous la Pluie
12. J'ai Perdu Mon Oiseau
13. Yoraré
14. Si l'Amour vous Gêne
15. Sneeuwwit Vogelke
16. Riololo
17. Boerenvreught

Colin Deru: Bagpipes, Whistles, Voice
Rémi Decker: Voice, Whistles, Bagpipes
Raphaël De Cock: Voice, Whistles, Pipes

Guest Musicians
Marc Malempré: Voice

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Ti Jaz - Live In Ar Vag (France 2001) @192

1. Gavotte Ar Stang        6:34
2. Scottish à Victorine        3:19
3. Fisel d'amour        4:10
4. Rythm'n Breizh        3:06
5. Goermel Fever        6:52
6. Straedou Sant Friscoe    3:08
7. The Fucking Flute        5:38
8. L'arc en ciel        4:18
9. Complete Mandingue        4:21
10. Koat Mandou                4:55
11. Gavotte du Manouche        6:09
12. Présentation        1:14
13. Sympathy for Diaoul        4:33

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Ti Jaz - Musiques de Basse-Bretagne (France 1985) @320

Bernard Lasbleiz: Accordeon diatonique, chant
Richard Dilly: Basse electrique
Jacques Le Pendu: Clarinette basse, clarinette
Olivier Mell: Bombarde
Camille Olivier: Saxophone, biniou
José Ponzone: Trumpet (tracks: 6, 12)

1. Suite Plinn: Ton simple
2. Suite Plinn: Bal
3. Suite Plinn: Ton double
4. Hanter Dro "Bamenjou"
5. Laridé 8 Temps
6. Ar vartoloded
7. En Dro "Cilu"
8. Gavotte: Ton simple
9. Gavotte: Tamm kreiz
10. Gavotte: Ton double
11. Tricot
12. Karotchoc

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Shooglenifty - The Untied Knot (Scotland 2015) @320

This is Shooglenifty’s seventh studio album, and the first to feature a collection of songs. The breathtaking ‘puirt a beul’ (mouth music) of Gaelic vocalist Kaela Rowan brings a captivating and energising new element to the band’s sound, and further confounds any attempt to categorise them.

The Untied Knot drops additional pins in the Shoogles’ map of international influences, this time hitting the road from Scotland to Rajasthan. Watch out for James Mackintosh and Kaela Rowan’s The High Road To Jodhpur, a tune that makes that connection explicit, whilst Burns’s Tam o’Shanter is the ‘closer to home’ inspiration for the title track by Quee MacArthur.

Former band member Luke Plumb’s fresh compositions – the psychedelic Arms of Sleep and The Highway Carpark, a ‘hurry up and wait’ classic – are included, whilst new mandolin player Ewan MacPherson makes his mark with three tunes. His Somebody’s Welcome To Somewhere, a tongue-in-cheek Highland march, features the princely pipes of a guesting Ross Ainslie. Ewan also contributes a dark nautical romp The Devil’s Breath Hornpipe, and speedy pair of reels clearly spawned by the Shoogle dance gene: Samhla Reel/Scolpaig.

A dazzling contribution by Garry ‘Banjo’ Finlayson, The Scorpian (sic) is a fascinating and enigmatic creature, whilst Fitzroy’s Crossing, the striking Antipodean closing track by Shooglenifty front man Angus R Grant, is proof positive that there is no musical journey this band can’t take.

01 - The Untied Knot | The Fall | Mile Marbhaisg Air A' Ghaol 5:53
02 - The Scorpian | The Devil's Breath Hornpipe 4:18
03 - Samhla Reel | Scolpaig 6:15
04 - Somebody's Welcome To Somewhere 6:16
05 - Do Chrochadh A Thoill Thu, Thoill Thu | Nighean Rudh' Bhàn Bh'aig Dòmhnall 
Ruadh Piobair | The Spice Of Life 4:51
06 - The Highway Carpark 4:06
07 - Peaches | Monkswell Road | Meal Di Bhrògan 5:10
08 - The High Road To Jodhpur | Am Bothan A Bh'aig Fionnghuala 3:46
09 - The Arms Of Sleep 5:34
10 - Ruidhleadh Mo Nighean Donn | Am Buachaille Dubh Fionnghal 4:52
11 - Fitzroy Crossing 6:06

Angus R. Grant: Fiddle
Garry Finlayson: Banjo, Banjax, Darabouka
Ewan MacPherson: Mandolin, Tenor Banjo, Guitar, Jaw Harp, Zurna
James Mackintosh: Drums, Percussion, Programming, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Keyboard, Vocals
Malcolm Crosbie: Guitars
Quee MacArthur: Bass
Kaela Rowan: Vocals on tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10
Luke Plumb: Mandolin on tracks 6 and 9
Conrad Ivitsky Molleson: Bass on tracks 1, 4 and 8
Ross Ainslie: Whistle on tracks 1 and 11, Pipes on track 4
Dave Milligan: Piano on track 4

Monday, March 20, 2017

Carreg Lafar - Aur (2016 Wales) @320

Carreg Lafar are a five-piece band from Wales and Aur is their fourth album in a career that has spanned 20 years.  From the front cover picture, with its carefully arranged Victoriana it’s clear that this is going to be an album of traditional music and a glance at the track list confirms it will be in Welsh. 
Welsh traditional music has never had the exposure of its Gaelic cousins and yet this album shows it is a vibrant genre in its own right, which deserves to more widely heard and appreciated.  Carreg Lafar, along with other bands such as Allan Yn Y fan, are certainly providing us with an opportunity to listen and we would be missing out if we didn’t take up their invitation.

01 - Aderyn Bach
02 - Cariad Aur
03 - Bwthyn Fy Nain
04 - Llangyfelach Lon
05 - Naid Tros Lannerch
06 - Y Cadno
07 - Glan Môr Heli
08 - Tom, Dic A Chwrw
09 - Baban Bach
10 - Titrwm Tatrwm

Linda Owen Jones (vocals)
Rhian Evan-Jones (fiddle)
James Rourke (flute)
Antwn Owen Hicks (pipes and vocals)
Danny Kilbride (guitar)

Left Blank's Compil Folk 03

Monday, March 13, 2017

Kitus - Eh bien, dansez maintenant! (France 2013) @320

1 - Rossignol / Le lierre (Bourrées 2 temps)
2 - Sur le pont / Nulle part (Scottishs)
3 - Mazurka des maçons (Mazurka)
4 - Les Mandets / Le château de St Ilpize (Bourrées 3 temps)
5 - Vert anis / Paris-Clermont (Chapelloises)
6 - Les mouettes (Valse à 8 temps)
7 - Bourrée de Vichy / A bout de souffle (Bourrées 2 temps)
8 - Une amande (Valse)
9 - Samarqand (Scottish)
10 - Conscription (Air)
11 - Ythier / Rochefort (Bourrées 3 temps)
12 - Capitaine (Mazurka)
13 - Bleu curaçao / Les rameaux (Cercles circassiens)
14 - La belle Monique / Daguerre (Bourrées 2 temps)

Fabien Guiloineau : guitar, bouzouki
Yannick Guyader : accordion
Luc Roche : violon, viola
Sylvain Vuidart : flute

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Niamh Parsons - Kind Providence (2016 IRE) [256m4a]

It has been said that Niamh Parsons may not be the most famous Irish Balladeer, but many feel she's the best. Described in the Boston Herald as both emotionally haunting and tonally as clear as crystal, Niamh's albums have been 'must-have' collector's items for any lover of songs and singing. Niamh has recorded six studio albums and one live album to date. For the last 9 years, Niamh has been playing in a duet with Ennis-based Graham Dunne—there is a spiritual bond between Niamh and Graham when they perform, which draws out the essence of the songs.

1    Across the Blue Mountain    4:02   
2     The Road to La Coruna    4:41   
3     Willie O    3:24   
4     Sweet Daffodil Mulligan    2:41
5     Shores of Lough Bran     4:03
6    Valentine O'Hara    4:23   
7     Lappin'    5:27   
8     When Fortune Turns Her Wheel    2:50   
9     The Slave's Lament    3:35
10     The Monaghan Jig    5:41   
11     After Aughrim's Great Disaster    5:55   
12     Carrickfergus (feat. Elena Alekseeva)    6:55

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Décibal - Autochtone (2016)

The second CD of Décibal is first and foremost a beautiful object. Clean lines, bright colors, simple text, presents the essential. A design made by Chloe Boureux.
It is also 15 songs from the repertoire Berry with, from time to time, compositions of Cyril Berthet, Benedict Roblin, Nigel Eaton and Cédric Loosli [...] A mixture
fine line between collecting and contemporary.
After ten years of existence, Décibal has chosen for this album the map of the Berry. It is very successful. No doubt Décibal going by his music, his enthusiasm and his warm presence on stage to discover to the young generations of the shake in berry a little forgotten in recent years.
This CD is the result of a beautiful evolution of four friends who broke to make us happy.
Thierry Pinson

1. La Bergère au chateau
2. Beau vigneron
3. Tip top, quelle belle journée
4. La filleuse
5. Bergère à marier
6. Bourrée GV - Montagnarde
7. Starters - Sans doute
8. Branle d'Ecueillé - Branle des étangs - Branle des secours
9. Scottish à Hugo - Scottish distillée
10. Le sommeil de Jeanneton
11. Le départ du soldat - O ma Jeanne
12. Le déserteur
13. La garçonnière - Bourrée à Mesmin
14. Bourrée à Roblin - Entre deux - Ouest Sang
15. Valse de Brécy

Cédric LOOSLI : Bouzouki, Chant
Cyril BERTHET : Saxophone soprano, Flûte traversière, Chant
Benoît ROBLIN : Vielle à roue, Chant
David ROBLIN : Percussions, Basse, Chant

Friday, March 10, 2017

Ewen Delahaye Favennec - Kan Tri Men (2011 FRA) [320]

1.    An hihi a garan    3:32
2.    Viviane et Merlin    4:32
3.    Les enfants de l'an 2000    4:24
4.    Torrey Canyon    3:46
5.    Kerviel blues    3:03
6.    Amour et liberté    4:49
7.    Hallelujah    4:32
8.    Maro eo ma mestrez    4:07
9.    Marzurka mon joli navire    3:11
10.    Juste un courant d'air    4:02
11.    Chair à canons    4:43
12.    Vieux bout de mégot    4:39
13.    La réponse de Seattle    6:10

Ewen Delahaye Favennec - Tri Men (2008 FRA) [320]

1.    Vieux Frere    3:47
2.    Sous l'Hangar    2:52
3.    La Prison de Pontanezen    3:54
4.    Identity    4:08
5.    Spered An Tan    3:34
6.    Les Belles Années 70    2:11
7.    Sur le Port de Conrcarneau    6:45
8.    Logonna    3:04
9.    A la Guerre    3:04
10.    A Lampedusa    4:25
11.    Sonneurs!    3:07
12.    Pollution Solution    2:50
13.    Faut Qu'Il Aille    3:50
14.    Ballazeux (Bonus)    3:34

Ewen Delahaye Favennec - Kan Tri (2003 FRA) [192]

"I traveled to Britain
in cities in the country,
I did all trades
sometimes I worked
I sold cardboard,
scrap and ham,
but I 'tell you that the most beautiful of all trades
it is still singing! "

Gerard Delahaye et Melaine Favennec

Here they drew near, and around them the light gray found only in Brittany. Three violins, three guitars, but above all three voices, and three paths. Three personalities of the Breton scene gather for fun.

They started the journey together in the Cooperative Nevenoe. It was in 1973 they marched on different roads since, song, storytelling, entertainment for children, fest noz, television. They were seen everywhere. They met sometimes encountered often, and most importantly, they remained friends.

They are musicians of course; but foremost singers and storytellers. They are Britons, but each carries in himself, in his heart and in his head, his own country, his own Brittany, their own tradition. A dreamland, party and play, that we visit, laughing, crying, dancing. Years of occupation have given their malice words, the direction of each other and the desire to share with the public.

There will be three suites frenzied violins, from the depths of the ages, but also ballads, love songs, taken from their own directory or created for the occasion. Two hours of travel, holiday, emotion.

These three artists met in the early 1970s after an intense collaboration within the musical cooperative Nevenoe from 1973 to 1979, each led his own solo career: Patrik Ewen tale for all age groups and young people Gérard song Delahaye and song Melaine Favennec. While continuing their solo career, they created the Trio in 1999, during a concert, and he has since continued at a rate of about 20 to 30 concerts a year.

Their musical influencesdisplayed  are the French songs, traditional Breton and Celtic, the American folk but also the blues and rock. Initially composed of existing songs, their repertoire has gradually built around original songs that fit musically in these registers. They sing mostly in French, but also claim Breton and English.

Their originality lies of course in these mixtures, but also because they are three soloists and three men with a great experience of the scene, each capable of singing as a leader or as a chorister. They navigate between a wide variety of environments, the shared laughter (Le Port de Concarneau) to protest-song (A Lampedusa), Celtic electrified blues (Sous l'hangar) to the traditional ballad revisited (An hini a garan ). They seek to give their songs a current or updated as timeless feel while working the form of words and melodies .

They are all three guitarists and violinists (or fiddle fiddler would be more accurate) and Patrik Ewen brings the colors of the banjo, harmonica and accordion.

1.    La noce à Marie    4:01
2.    Boked eured    0:52
3.    Le soldat d'Algérie    4:27
4.    E kreiz an noz    3:53
5.    Luskellerez evit eur bugel koz    4:32
6.    Ma vallée au bord de la mer    2:48
7.    Je n'oublierai jamais    4:00
8.    Chaque jour est un nouveau jour    4:10
9.    L'Ile de Batz    4:26
10.    Kisses sweeter than wine    2:42
11.    La vie comme la mer    1:04
12.    J'ai voyagé en Bretagne    2:18
13.    Elle est jeune elle est jolie    2:55
14.    Serafina elf    5:24

Kiharakolmio - Perso (2009 FIN) [320]

Heikki Korkeakoski (mandolin, guitar, electric guitar, vocals),
Juhani Lautamaja (double bass, couscous, vocals),
Antti Paalanen 1-, 2-, 3-row accordion, vocals),
Timo Saukko (harmonium, vocals)

1     Kolmion Kutsu    (Composed By – Paalanen*, Lautamaja*, Saukko*)    0:28
2     Kiharakolmio    (Composed By – Paalanen*)    3:20
3     Elämän Suola    (Composed By – Paalanen*)    4:21
4    Kukkarallia    (Composed By – Trad*)    (3:01)
 -    Karva-Herkoon Polkka
 -     Hevospolkka
 -     Ojasen Poijan Polkka   
5     Muikkupottu-ukko    (Composed By – Korkeakoski*)    2:56
6     Peli-Jussin Syömämarssi    (Composed By – Trad*)    2:56
7     Kinkun Sulattelua    (Composed By – Paalanen*, Trad*)    2:15
8     Avopäin    (Composed By – Paalanen*)    7:06
9     Tähti Taivaalta    (Composed By – Paalanen*, Paalanen*)    2:29
10    Intohimojenkka    (Composed By – Trad*)    (3:45)
 - Näsijärven Jenkka   
 - Vartiamäen Aleksin Sottiisi   
 - Nurkkatanssit   
11     Riisikeppijumppa    (Composed By – Korkeakoski*)    3:15
12     Loivennus    (Composed By – Paalanen*)    3:15

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bal O'Gadjo - Vents d'Ouest, Vents d'Est (France 2015) @320

1. Vent d'Ouest, vent d'Est (Cercle circassien) (7:07)    
2. Bourée qu ouzo (Bourrée à 2 temps) (4:58)    
3. Valsaval (Valse) (6:27)    
4. Oriental Forro / Damisela (Scottish) (7:17)    
5. Compostella (Valse à 5 temps) (4:51)    
6. Désertion (Chapelloise) (5:38)    
7. Comme raide (Bourrée à 3 temps) (3:44)    
8. Rumelaj (Trad macédonien) (5:57)    
9. Fabulous circle (Cercle circassien) (6:16) 

Paul Oliver (Violon, mondole)
Gwenn Guiffant (Flûte, Chant)
Lucile Magnan (Violoncelle, Chant)
Fabian Bucher (Guitare, Mandoline)
Samuel Wornom (Percussions orientales)

Bal O'Gadjo - En Route! (France 2012) @320

1. Autococek (3:42)
2. Un (andro) (6:36)
3. Le Griot des Combrailles (bourrée à trois temps) (5:50)
4. Les Chastes Gauloises (chapelloise) (3:54)
5. Lo Ravi (hanter dro) (5:04)
6. Isae Cocek (scottish) (6:43)
7. Les Cordes m'usent (rondeau) (4:38)
8. La Polkalopithèque (polka) (4:04)
9. Zuip (bourrée à deux temps) (4:54)
10. Chap O'Gadjo (chapelloise) (3:58)
11. Lady Gavotte (gavotte de Grenoble) (6:41)
12. Koja Cocek (3:50)

Bal O'Gadjo :
Paul Oliver (violon)
Alexis Chauvelier (guitare)
Lucile Magnan (violoncelle, chant)
Gwenn Guiffant (flûte traversière, chant)
Jonathan Da Costa Ferreira (guitare solo, guitare portugaise)

Invités :
Adama Diop (Chant, Tama)
Julien Régi (Percussion cubaine, chant)
Bruno Sentou (Derbouka, Bendir)

Bal O'Gadjo - Danses d'ici ... et Dissidences (France 2010) @320

1 . Sarabandas (Polka)
2 . Nuit Calme (Valse à 8 temps)
3 . Scotswing (Scottish)
4 . Mazurka des dragons (Mazurka)
5 . Les fous du bateau (Cercle Circassien)
6 . Et pourtant (Valse)
7 . Réveil Agité (Chapelloise)
8 . Rondomino (Rondeau)
9 . Petits secrets des garrigues (Fandango / Arin Arin)
10 . Behind the wall (Mazurka)

Alexis Chauvelier (guitare rythmique)
Alexandre Zuanon (guitare solo, bouzouki)
Lucile Magnan (violoncelle)
Gwenn Guiffant (flute traversiere)
Paul Oliver (violon)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Arz Nevez - Pevar En Avel (2001 FRA) [320]

First album of Arz Nevez, very noticeable by the press allowed to launch the group on the national and international stages (Quebec, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain ....). This first recording is essentially centered on the quartet formula, but there are some distinguished guests including Jean Michel Veillon on flute, Véronique Bourjot on vocals.

A double homage of Yves Ribis to Arvo Pärt and Alan Stivell can be heard on the last track of this disc in a deeply detailed room: "Ar seizh skleur Itron Varia Rostren"

Youenn Lorec and Helene Le Flecher: violin
Eric Lavarec: alto
Kristina Omnes: Cello
Yves Ribis: guitar, arrangements & compositions

1.    Gouel ar C'hranked    6:17
2.    Kas a Barh Kreisteiz    4:14
3.    Deomp Da Pont-Aven    3:22
4.    The may morning dew    4:13
5.    Gwez Kren En Noz    4:27
6.    Draeneg    3:29
7.    Kimiad Iwerzhon    3:58
8.    Enez Eusa    3:48
9.    Gavotenn Wolfgan    3:16
10.    Ar Seizh Skleur Itron Varia Rostren    9:00

Versengold - Hoerensagen (2005 GER) [256m4a]

Versengold is a German folk band from Bremen , connects the partially seemingly prehistoric texts with modern folk elements. The songs and the lyrics are written himself, Versengold does not cover songs . With seven albums released so far, they have become an integral part of the German folk scene.

Versengold was founded in Bremen in 2003. On the album Allgebraeu, we have already heard Pinto as a guest musician. For the 2008 season got off Swolle and Svente and the album Ketzerey was recorded with Pinto and Hengest. After completion of the album and starting in the 2008 season Sirkka left the band, the female soprano was followed by guest musicians occupied. Paule and Honza joined in 2011, and since then the band has played as a pure male quintet in the new line-up. 2015 came the new album Timeless Otje on bass and on drums Schorti the band and have also become an integral part of the live group. Zeitlos debuted at number 22 on the German album charts, marking, together with the associated club tour, the pinnacle of the band's history.

On 31 August 2013 Versengold played together with  Die Kammer, Lyriel and Fiddler's Green as support for Schandmaul in the framework of a two-day open-air festival in Tanzbrunnen celebrated their 15th anniversary. The concert was sold out both days with more than 10,000 visitors. After appearing inter alia on the Wacken Open Air and the M'era Luna Festival , the band has positioned in the meantime also to renowned festivals.

The texts written by Malte Hoyer often tell stories with depth and many interpretive possibilities. The repertoire ranges from pure instrumentals on drinking songs (z. B. Einerley or Hoch die Krüge), ballads like Vom Zauber des Wildfräuleins towards socially critical songs about Punsch statt Putsch.

Singer Malte Hoyer, Florian Janoske and Daniel Gregory are also part of the band Knasterbart.
Thomas Heuer is a member of the Celtic Folk Trio Ganaim.

Founding members:
Malte Hoyer: Poetry, singing, flutes, guitars, cittern, hurdy gurdy
Arnd Rathjen: Violin , mandolin, bouzouki, flutes, guitar sounds, Waldzither (2003-2007)
Jan Schröder: Djembe, vocals, percussion (2003-2007, 2009)
Carolin Fährmann: Carolin Fährmann: Poetry  singing, guitar sounds (until 2008)

Current line-up:
Vocals:     Malte "Snorre" Hoyer
Bodhrán:    Thomas "Pinto" Heuer
Fidel, nyckelharpa:    Alexander "Hengest" Willms
Violin, mandolin:    Florian "Honza" Janoske
Guitar:    Daniel "Paule" Gregory
Drums:    Sean "Schorti" Long
bass:    Eike "Otje" Otten

1.    Arndtro    0:51
2.    Frohsinn    3:46
3.    Eressea Glaer    4:04
4.    In Einem Meer Aus Wein    4:08
5.    Nebel Ueber Den Auen    7:06
6.    Lasst Ab Vom Argen Jungfernschutz    5:27
7.    Ihr So Nah    8:08
8.    Er Wollte Wie Er Sollte    5:16
9.    Grau Sind Die Schwingen    5:59
10.    Verblasst, Ergraut    8:39
11.    Hulde Dem Koenig    6:05
12.    Mord Auf Dem Abort    7:14

Les Brayauds - Faï Petar (2004 FRA) [192]

A Google Translation:
These three are happy that their roads crossed.
For them first of all, for the obvious happiness they have together to "machine" the drums of the repertoire, for the dancers obviously because their quality of musicians doubles a diligent practice of dance that brings them a perfect mastery of pulsation and phrasing.

Musicians of bal par excellence thus, they chain scottishs, mazurkas, bourrée, waltzes ... which are modeled, harmonized like lively and ephemeral sculptures, in perpetual reinvention. Add to that a good dose of generosity, temperament and inventiveness and you will have one of the best trios of Auvergne music today.

This is a terrific recording from a delightful band. Freddie Dussaillant was my box teacher at Les Brayauds, and I developed tremendous respect for his playing (all three members teach at Brayauds). They're all very fine players (Freddie on diatonic, Basile Bremaud on fiddle and Sonia Rogowski on clarinet), and in Freddie and Basile's case, fine writers of tunes (over half the tunes on the CD are originals by one or the other, and they're excellent). But it's also the sweetness and joy and danceability in the music. You could dance to these people all night (and they'd play all night, too), and feel yourself light on your feet and smiling at everyone. ~ Mitch

01. La debrazade - Les osselets
02. Giate de Coualhon - J'ai hate - Champgarant
03. La p'tite gaillarde
04. Par dessus les Alpes
05. Un jour peut-etre...
06. Calarem, calarem pas - Les grandes etuves
07. Nous irons a Paris
08. Polka a milounet
09. Jaunes tulipes
10. La bourrée du pere Tienne - La bourrée "deroulee a choulette"
11. Mazurka a Vidalenc
12. Les Brayauds - La valse a Dede
13. Bourrée de l'enclume

Hemållt - Hin Håles Harvedrag (2005 SWE) [192]

"This is genuine,uncomplicated music. No holds barred, fantastic momentum, your legs start twitching and it´s very hard to sit still. Beautiful!"
(Smålandsposten / newspaper from the south of Sweden)

With humour,enthusiasm and a Bohuslandish swing, "Hemållt" have for many years incited their public in Scandinavia and Europe to letting loose when they get up steam on stage. "Hemållt" treat us to swirling Polskas and rock n´roll-crazy Trip-waltses, but just as easy a swinging Halling could turn up. And when you catch your breath you will notice that the music has a tang of Scotch malt whiskey, North sea seaweed and Norwegian wool.

With their debut album "hin håles harvedrag" the trio have dusted of the Bohuslands musical treasures and in their hands the energy and tempo of the traditional music is raised to another level, for although "Hemållt" is Bohuslandish for cosy and content, their music is very lively.

The members of Hemållt are:
Mia Gunberg Ådin - fiddle and vocals
Christer Ådin - mandola, mandolin, accordion and jew's harps
Anders Ådin - guitar, hurdy-gurdy and vocals

In "Hemållt på fläck" (Hemållt on the spot) Bohuslands dance tradition and music meet. The dancer Mona Lundberg dances on the spot, just as was done in the small cramp Bohuslands cottages.

Hemållt have been playing together since 1989 and have toured extensively throughout Scandinavia and the continent.

From past forays in the Celtic music tradition Hemållt flirt with the countries surrounding the North Sea when they delve into the musical treasures of the Swedish province of Bohuslän on their first album. To get everybody on their feet when the record is played they worked with dance co-producer Mona Lundberg.

1.    Polska efter Garnbindar'n    3:45
2.    Jeg gikk meg ut i lunden grønn    4:27
3.    Engelska efter Båtsman Dristig - Engelska efter A Carlsson    4:58
4.    Polska efter Maria Sohlberg - Polska efter Nicklas Larsson    4:19
5.    Gofot - Halling från Fredriksten    4:16
6.    Stekta harar, gödda svin    3:53
7.    Polska från Kungsviken    3:30
8.    Vals från Seglora - Vals efter Nicklas Larsson    3:25
9.    Slängpolska från Kumla    4:03
10.    En Sang till deg - Målselvshalling    2:57
11.    Jä geck mej ut e missommernatt    2:57
12.    Maggie O'Ham - Halling från Grinstad    4:38

I was unable to access Hemållt's website, or find any more releases. :(

Their current incarnation is known as Blå Fålen.

Bal O'Gadjo - Trad Swing (France 2008) @320

1. Sur un air de Claret net
2. Le temps des poets
3. Valse toi-même
4. Rêve de Siméo
5. Fandanguinho
6. Les pieds glacés
7. Les trois temps de l'espoir
8. La danse des cordes

Alexis Chauvelier (guitare rythmique)
Alexandre Zuanon (guitare solo, bouzouki)
Lucile Magnan (violoncelle)
Gwenn Guiffant (flute traversiere)
Paul Oliver (violon)

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kiharakolmio - Epiteetti (2004 Finland) @320

1. Kuskia Arpomassa     1:20
2. Kuskin Polkka     3:55
3. Napapiiri     3:04
4. Heja Heja Scottish     3:02
5. Matkamusiikkia Raukialta     3:48
6. Scottish Sfasa     2:46
7. Paavokallion Martin Polkka     2:54
8. Valssi Pajalasta     3:53
9. Hessun Ketarat     4:30
10. Aratz     2:34
11. Äärelä     4:14
12. Vanhapiika Pieni     2:25
13. Iljan Polkka     3:42

Antti Paalanen - Accordion
Juhani Lautamaja - Bass
Heikki Korkeakoski - Guitar, Mandolin
Timo Saukko - Harmonium
Piia Kleemola - Violin (tracks: 11)
Juuli Ilmonen - Cello (tracks: 11)

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