Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Arz Nevez - Pevar En Avel (2001 FRA) [320]

First album of Arz Nevez, very noticeable by the press allowed to launch the group on the national and international stages (Quebec, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain ....). This first recording is essentially centered on the quartet formula, but there are some distinguished guests including Jean Michel Veillon on flute, Véronique Bourjot on vocals.

A double homage of Yves Ribis to Arvo Pärt and Alan Stivell can be heard on the last track of this disc in a deeply detailed room: "Ar seizh skleur Itron Varia Rostren"

Youenn Lorec and Helene Le Flecher: violin
Eric Lavarec: alto
Kristina Omnes: Cello
Yves Ribis: guitar, arrangements & compositions

1.    Gouel ar C'hranked    6:17
2.    Kas a Barh Kreisteiz    4:14
3.    Deomp Da Pont-Aven    3:22
4.    The may morning dew    4:13
5.    Gwez Kren En Noz    4:27
6.    Draeneg    3:29
7.    Kimiad Iwerzhon    3:58
8.    Enez Eusa    3:48
9.    Gavotenn Wolfgan    3:16
10.    Ar Seizh Skleur Itron Varia Rostren    9:00


Skylamb said...

Pevar En Avel
pw: folkyourself

CrimsonKing said...

Thank you Skylamb!

Bear said...

This is really exceptional! Thank you, Skylamb.

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