Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bal O'Gadjo - Danses d'ici ... et Dissidences (France 2010) @320

1 . Sarabandas (Polka)
2 . Nuit Calme (Valse à 8 temps)
3 . Scotswing (Scottish)
4 . Mazurka des dragons (Mazurka)
5 . Les fous du bateau (Cercle Circassien)
6 . Et pourtant (Valse)
7 . Réveil Agité (Chapelloise)
8 . Rondomino (Rondeau)
9 . Petits secrets des garrigues (Fandango / Arin Arin)
10 . Behind the wall (Mazurka)

Alexis Chauvelier (guitare rythmique)
Alexandre Zuanon (guitare solo, bouzouki)
Lucile Magnan (violoncelle)
Gwenn Guiffant (flute traversiere)
Paul Oliver (violon)


Bear said...

Thank you, Yojik, for turning me on to this awesome band. It will be a new favorite!

Yojik said...

You`re welcome, Bear.

Anonymous said...

thanks for relink this file!

anonymous said...

Hi, can you relink this?

Yojik said...

Hi, I can.

anonymous said...

Thanks Yojik!

Yojik said...

Danses d'ici ... et Dissidences

anonymous said...

Thanks again... I noticed that a new album from this band came out last January, "Humeurs du monde", are you planning to add it too?

Yojik said...

not at all. No, not any time soon.

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