Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bal O'Gadjo - Vents d'Ouest, Vents d'Est (France 2015) @320

1. Vent d'Ouest, vent d'Est (Cercle circassien) (7:07)    
2. Bourée qu ouzo (Bourrée à 2 temps) (4:58)    
3. Valsaval (Valse) (6:27)    
4. Oriental Forro / Damisela (Scottish) (7:17)    
5. Compostella (Valse à 5 temps) (4:51)    
6. Désertion (Chapelloise) (5:38)    
7. Comme raide (Bourrée à 3 temps) (3:44)    
8. Rumelaj (Trad macédonien) (5:57)    
9. Fabulous circle (Cercle circassien) (6:16) 

Paul Oliver (Violon, mondole)
Gwenn Guiffant (Flûte, Chant)
Lucile Magnan (Violoncelle, Chant)
Fabian Bucher (Guitare, Mandoline)
Samuel Wornom (Percussions orientales)


Yojik said...

Vents d'Ouest, Vents d'Est

Bear said...

I am really thrilled with Bal O'Gadjo. This wonderful marriage of Breton music with Django Djazz seems inevitable, and yet I have not run across anything like in all my years. And they are so very, very excellent!

Downloading these also resulted in the disappointing discovery that fichier has changed their policies and now requires long waits between downloads, so I'm on my second day of downloading your recent posts. It used to be so fast, but now...we wait (or we pay).

Thanks again. My ears will be filled Bal O'Gadjo for days, along with various other new goodies from this exceptionally fine blog!

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