Saturday, March 11, 2017

Décibal - Autochtone (2016)

The second CD of Décibal is first and foremost a beautiful object. Clean lines, bright colors, simple text, presents the essential. A design made by Chloe Boureux.
It is also 15 songs from the repertoire Berry with, from time to time, compositions of Cyril Berthet, Benedict Roblin, Nigel Eaton and Cédric Loosli [...] A mixture
fine line between collecting and contemporary.
After ten years of existence, Décibal has chosen for this album the map of the Berry. It is very successful. No doubt Décibal going by his music, his enthusiasm and his warm presence on stage to discover to the young generations of the shake in berry a little forgotten in recent years.
This CD is the result of a beautiful evolution of four friends who broke to make us happy.
Thierry Pinson

1. La Bergère au chateau
2. Beau vigneron
3. Tip top, quelle belle journée
4. La filleuse
5. Bergère à marier
6. Bourrée GV - Montagnarde
7. Starters - Sans doute
8. Branle d'Ecueillé - Branle des étangs - Branle des secours
9. Scottish à Hugo - Scottish distillée
10. Le sommeil de Jeanneton
11. Le départ du soldat - O ma Jeanne
12. Le déserteur
13. La garçonnière - Bourrée à Mesmin
14. Bourrée à Roblin - Entre deux - Ouest Sang
15. Valse de Brécy

Cédric LOOSLI : Bouzouki, Chant
Cyril BERTHET : Saxophone soprano, Flûte traversière, Chant
Benoît ROBLIN : Vielle à roue, Chant
David ROBLIN : Percussions, Basse, Chant


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