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Ewen Delahaye Favennec - Kan Tri (2003 FRA) [192]

"I traveled to Britain
in cities in the country,
I did all trades
sometimes I worked
I sold cardboard,
scrap and ham,
but I 'tell you that the most beautiful of all trades
it is still singing! "

Gerard Delahaye et Melaine Favennec

Here they drew near, and around them the light gray found only in Brittany. Three violins, three guitars, but above all three voices, and three paths. Three personalities of the Breton scene gather for fun.

They started the journey together in the Cooperative Nevenoe. It was in 1973 they marched on different roads since, song, storytelling, entertainment for children, fest noz, television. They were seen everywhere. They met sometimes encountered often, and most importantly, they remained friends.

They are musicians of course; but foremost singers and storytellers. They are Britons, but each carries in himself, in his heart and in his head, his own country, his own Brittany, their own tradition. A dreamland, party and play, that we visit, laughing, crying, dancing. Years of occupation have given their malice words, the direction of each other and the desire to share with the public.

There will be three suites frenzied violins, from the depths of the ages, but also ballads, love songs, taken from their own directory or created for the occasion. Two hours of travel, holiday, emotion.

These three artists met in the early 1970s after an intense collaboration within the musical cooperative Nevenoe from 1973 to 1979, each led his own solo career: Patrik Ewen tale for all age groups and young people Gérard song Delahaye and song Melaine Favennec. While continuing their solo career, they created the Trio in 1999, during a concert, and he has since continued at a rate of about 20 to 30 concerts a year.

Their musical influencesdisplayed  are the French songs, traditional Breton and Celtic, the American folk but also the blues and rock. Initially composed of existing songs, their repertoire has gradually built around original songs that fit musically in these registers. They sing mostly in French, but also claim Breton and English.

Their originality lies of course in these mixtures, but also because they are three soloists and three men with a great experience of the scene, each capable of singing as a leader or as a chorister. They navigate between a wide variety of environments, the shared laughter (Le Port de Concarneau) to protest-song (A Lampedusa), Celtic electrified blues (Sous l'hangar) to the traditional ballad revisited (An hini a garan ). They seek to give their songs a current or updated as timeless feel while working the form of words and melodies .

They are all three guitarists and violinists (or fiddle fiddler would be more accurate) and Patrik Ewen brings the colors of the banjo, harmonica and accordion.

1.    La noce à Marie    4:01
2.    Boked eured    0:52
3.    Le soldat d'Algérie    4:27
4.    E kreiz an noz    3:53
5.    Luskellerez evit eur bugel koz    4:32
6.    Ma vallée au bord de la mer    2:48
7.    Je n'oublierai jamais    4:00
8.    Chaque jour est un nouveau jour    4:10
9.    L'Ile de Batz    4:26
10.    Kisses sweeter than wine    2:42
11.    La vie comme la mer    1:04
12.    J'ai voyagé en Bretagne    2:18
13.    Elle est jeune elle est jolie    2:55
14.    Serafina elf    5:24
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