Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Les Brayauds - Faï Petar (2004 FRA) [192]

A Google Translation:
These three are happy that their roads crossed.
For them first of all, for the obvious happiness they have together to "machine" the drums of the repertoire, for the dancers obviously because their quality of musicians doubles a diligent practice of dance that brings them a perfect mastery of pulsation and phrasing.

Musicians of bal par excellence thus, they chain scottishs, mazurkas, bourrée, waltzes ... which are modeled, harmonized like lively and ephemeral sculptures, in perpetual reinvention. Add to that a good dose of generosity, temperament and inventiveness and you will have one of the best trios of Auvergne music today.

This is a terrific recording from a delightful band. Freddie Dussaillant was my box teacher at Les Brayauds, and I developed tremendous respect for his playing (all three members teach at Brayauds). They're all very fine players (Freddie on diatonic, Basile Bremaud on fiddle and Sonia Rogowski on clarinet), and in Freddie and Basile's case, fine writers of tunes (over half the tunes on the CD are originals by one or the other, and they're excellent). But it's also the sweetness and joy and danceability in the music. You could dance to these people all night (and they'd play all night, too), and feel yourself light on your feet and smiling at everyone. ~ Mitch

01. La debrazade - Les osselets
02. Giate de Coualhon - J'ai hate - Champgarant
03. La p'tite gaillarde
04. Par dessus les Alpes
05. Un jour peut-etre...
06. Calarem, calarem pas - Les grandes etuves
07. Nous irons a Paris
08. Polka a milounet
09. Jaunes tulipes
10. La bourrée du pere Tienne - La bourrée "deroulee a choulette"
11. Mazurka a Vidalenc
12. Les Brayauds - La valse a Dede
13. Bourrée de l'enclume
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