Sunday, March 12, 2017

Niamh Parsons - Kind Providence (2016 IRE) [256m4a]

It has been said that Niamh Parsons may not be the most famous Irish Balladeer, but many feel she's the best. Described in the Boston Herald as both emotionally haunting and tonally as clear as crystal, Niamh's albums have been 'must-have' collector's items for any lover of songs and singing. Niamh has recorded six studio albums and one live album to date. For the last 9 years, Niamh has been playing in a duet with Ennis-based Graham Dunne—there is a spiritual bond between Niamh and Graham when they perform, which draws out the essence of the songs.

1    Across the Blue Mountain    4:02   
2     The Road to La Coruna    4:41   
3     Willie O    3:24   
4     Sweet Daffodil Mulligan    2:41
5     Shores of Lough Bran     4:03
6    Valentine O'Hara    4:23   
7     Lappin'    5:27   
8     When Fortune Turns Her Wheel    2:50   
9     The Slave's Lament    3:35
10     The Monaghan Jig    5:41   
11     After Aughrim's Great Disaster    5:55   
12     Carrickfergus (feat. Elena Alekseeva)    6:55


Skylamb said...

Kind Providence
pw: folkyourself

Anonymous said...

Have tried the pw so many times but to no avail.

Great website, though

CrimsonKing said...

I did the download right now.
I had no problems to open de RAR file using the password "folkyourself".
Try to open the RAR file in another computer.

Paul the Stockman said...

Thanks for this. Yes, password works.

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