Saturday, March 25, 2017

Ti Jaz - Musiques de Basse-Bretagne (France 1985) @320

Bernard Lasbleiz: Accordeon diatonique, chant
Richard Dilly: Basse electrique
Jacques Le Pendu: Clarinette basse, clarinette
Olivier Mell: Bombarde
Camille Olivier: Saxophone, biniou
José Ponzone: Trumpet (tracks: 6, 12)

1. Suite Plinn: Ton simple
2. Suite Plinn: Bal
3. Suite Plinn: Ton double
4. Hanter Dro "Bamenjou"
5. Laridé 8 Temps
6. Ar vartoloded
7. En Dro "Cilu"
8. Gavotte: Ton simple
9. Gavotte: Tamm kreiz
10. Gavotte: Ton double
11. Tricot
12. Karotchoc


Yojik said...

Musiques de Basse-Bretagne

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much I love this band, by chance you have their latest CD ("Live in ar vag")

Yojik said...

Not at all. I have "Live in ar vag" in 192kbps unfortunatelly.

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