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Versengold - Hoerensagen (2005 GER) [256m4a]

Versengold is a German folk band from Bremen , connects the partially seemingly prehistoric texts with modern folk elements. The songs and the lyrics are written himself, Versengold does not cover songs . With seven albums released so far, they have become an integral part of the German folk scene.

Versengold was founded in Bremen in 2003. On the album Allgebraeu, we have already heard Pinto as a guest musician. For the 2008 season got off Swolle and Svente and the album Ketzerey was recorded with Pinto and Hengest. After completion of the album and starting in the 2008 season Sirkka left the band, the female soprano was followed by guest musicians occupied. Paule and Honza joined in 2011, and since then the band has played as a pure male quintet in the new line-up. 2015 came the new album Timeless Otje on bass and on drums Schorti the band and have also become an integral part of the live group. Zeitlos debuted at number 22 on the German album charts, marking, together with the associated club tour, the pinnacle of the band's history.

On 31 August 2013 Versengold played together with  Die Kammer, Lyriel and Fiddler's Green as support for Schandmaul in the framework of a two-day open-air festival in Tanzbrunnen celebrated their 15th anniversary. The concert was sold out both days with more than 10,000 visitors. After appearing inter alia on the Wacken Open Air and the M'era Luna Festival , the band has positioned in the meantime also to renowned festivals.

The texts written by Malte Hoyer often tell stories with depth and many interpretive possibilities. The repertoire ranges from pure instrumentals on drinking songs (z. B. Einerley or Hoch die Krüge), ballads like Vom Zauber des Wildfräuleins towards socially critical songs about Punsch statt Putsch.

Singer Malte Hoyer, Florian Janoske and Daniel Gregory are also part of the band Knasterbart.
Thomas Heuer is a member of the Celtic Folk Trio Ganaim.

Founding members:
Malte Hoyer: Poetry, singing, flutes, guitars, cittern, hurdy gurdy
Arnd Rathjen: Violin , mandolin, bouzouki, flutes, guitar sounds, Waldzither (2003-2007)
Jan Schröder: Djembe, vocals, percussion (2003-2007, 2009)
Carolin Fährmann: Carolin Fährmann: Poetry  singing, guitar sounds (until 2008)

Current line-up:
Vocals:     Malte "Snorre" Hoyer
Bodhrán:    Thomas "Pinto" Heuer
Fidel, nyckelharpa:    Alexander "Hengest" Willms
Violin, mandolin:    Florian "Honza" Janoske
Guitar:    Daniel "Paule" Gregory
Drums:    Sean "Schorti" Long
bass:    Eike "Otje" Otten

1.    Arndtro    0:51
2.    Frohsinn    3:46
3.    Eressea Glaer    4:04
4.    In Einem Meer Aus Wein    4:08
5.    Nebel Ueber Den Auen    7:06
6.    Lasst Ab Vom Argen Jungfernschutz    5:27
7.    Ihr So Nah    8:08
8.    Er Wollte Wie Er Sollte    5:16
9.    Grau Sind Die Schwingen    5:59
10.    Verblasst, Ergraut    8:39
11.    Hulde Dem Koenig    6:05
12.    Mord Auf Dem Abort    7:14

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