Friday, April 28, 2017

Malicorne - Malicorne 1988-03-04 Paris Dejazet (Bootleg) [2015 France]

SOURCE: EX aud stereo master recorded by 'thves'.

LINEAGE : Aiwa CM30 ->
-> Sony WMD6 stereo cassette recorder
-> master cassette
-> Nakamichi Dragon (with auto-azimuth) Dolby off
-> Zoom H2 -> Goldwave v.5.08 for tracks, edits,channel mix, maximization at full dynamic range.
-> TLH 2.4.1 (build 160)-> FLAC level 8 align on sector boundaries, md5s
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01.Les Cathédrales de l'Industrie
03.La Nuit des Sorcières ->
04.Lyke-Wake Dirge
05.Il me Reste un Voyage à Faire
06.Band intro ->
07.Le Temps
08.Big science (end of first set)
09.La Mule
11.? (in english)
13.Mon Enfant
14.Sorcier ->
16.Je resterai ici
17.Sleep Come Free me
18.Les Cathédrales de l'Industrie


Nikki Matheson (flute, keys, vocals)
Frederic Mathet (bass, vocals)
Jean-Pierre Arnoux (drums, vocals)
Patrice Clémentin (keys, sampling, vocals)
Michel Le Cam (mandoline, accordion, violin, vocals)
Gabriel Yacoub (gt, mandoloncelle, vocals)

Recorded by THVES and digitized, prepared and shared on Dime by finkployd49 (June 2015)
*** NOT FOR SALE ***


Feilimid O'Broin said...

I don't frequent this blog as often as I should because I am running out of space on yet another external hard drive, eschew clouds, and cosequently try to limit what I download nowadays. Still, when I do visit, I am bowled over by what I find here. How you obtain so much great music and, equally important, find the time to listen to and then post it is a wonder but I am very grateful for what you do. I'll try to comment more frequently if only to say thanks and let you know that this person on the western coast of the Chesapeake Bay truly loves the music you select and that you post it. In particular, thanks you very much for this selection. I'm looking forward to listening to it.

CrimsonKing said...

Malicorne 1988-03-04 Paris

CrimsonKing said...

Tks Feilimid :)

Jon said...

One can never have too much Malicorne. Very glad to be able to listen to this. Thanks to both Thierry and CK!!

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