Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Left Blank's Compil Folk 11


Left Blank said...

Folk 11

Feilimid O'Broin said...

I'll freely admit I love compilations such as Eist and Eist Aris. So I am thrilled that the eleven volumes of these compilations are really wonderful and I thank you for your generosity. To me, good compilations not only introduce me to new artists and remind me of how good some of my favorites are, but, equally important, they provide an overview of an era or eras and a genre or genres. They are a like an aerial photograph showing the topography of the land.

For several years I have been downloading from this site with only an occasional comment. Yet it would be devastating to my awareness of world folk music if this blog were shut down so I reiterate my thanks because, if nothing else, your compilations have made me again realize the amount of work that a blog like this requires and how that effort is increased with providing excellent compilations, the time expended selecting the songs, compatibility of styles, etc. I am a reluctant commenter for fear of being too verbose or redundant but perhaps others who are sitting on the fence and have benefited from this blog for a while will join me in letting you and the other folks who make this happen know that you are not taken for granted or simply a free music service. I hope you all keep on keeping on because what you do is different from any other blog I have found.

CrimsonKing said...

Thank you Feilimid.
Nice words.
We at Folk Yourself make this blog for the simple pleasure of spreading this style to thousands of other people. It really does work, but in the end it's just fun.

Left Blank said...

Thank you Feilimid.
It is a pleasure to have such a positive opinion.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Left Blank (and CrimsonKing as well):
My eternal Thanks to you for this fine compilation set. As I have relayed previously I can only imagine the hard work you put into these discs. And I have discovered that my tears of joy while listening have actually improved my eyesight overall - a few more sets of these and I just might make it back to 20/20!

Seriously - Thank You ever so much.


Left Blank said...


Anonymous said...

Many Thanks!

Joseph Healy said...

My favorite tune on Vol. 11 is Morrison's Jig - Cooley's Reel

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