Monday, June 26, 2017

Okra Playground - Turmio (Finland 2016) @320

Helsinki based electro-folk band Okra Playground was originally formed in 2010
from a shared wish to bring together excellent people and musician to play around traditional Finnish music with a fresh approach. The band became almost literally a musical playground for its musicians. On this playground the kantele and bowed lyre, both ancient folk instruments, coexist in a new, exciting symbiosis with modern instruments and soundscapes. The music resulting from the quite unusual interesting combination has roots deep in the Finnish soil, but its tallest branches spread out towards the furthest shores of world music. The strong voices of the three female singers, as well as the age-old lyrics, simultaneously take the listener to far-off places and close to home. Okra Playground’s fresh music captivates the listener with its hypnotic beat and mystical energy.

“This is one of the most exciting bands to come out of Finland in recent times.” (Songlines Magazine UK 122/2016)

01 - Kaunokieli
02 - Turmio
03 - Viivytysvirsi
04 - Viimatar
05 - Pakkasloitsu
06 - Hopeamorsian
07 - Tulen Synty
08 - Kun Mun Kultani Tulisi
09 - Sorsa
10 - Tuulen Tuoma

Päivi Hirvonen – vocals, fiddle, bowed harp jouhikko
Maija Kauhanen – vocals, kantele
Essi Muikku – vocals, kantele
Sami Kujala – electric bass
Veikko Muikku – accordion, synthesizer
Tatu Viitala – percussion

Friday, June 23, 2017

Rémi Geffroy - Du Jour Au Lendemain (France 2016) @320

1. Un Jour (01:25)
2. Passé Simple (04:30)
3. Pandemonium (07:56)
4. Comme Une Fin D'été (03:53)
5. Les Larmes De Sable (04:08)
6. Empathie (feat. Clément Griffault) (04:18)
7. L'égoïste Solidaire (03:18)
8. 130 911 (04:55)
9. Pause (02:51)
10. Empathie (04:08)
11. La Fuite Du Chat Noir (03:08)
12. Réveil Matin (06:22)

Rémi Geffroy - accordéon diatonique
Maxime Llorca - guitares
Christian Martinaud - batterie
Clément-Son Dang - violoncelle

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Maddy Prior - Year (England 1993) - @320

01 - Spring: Snowdrops/Birth
02 - Summer: Swimming Song
03 - Autumn: Marigold/Harvest Home
04 - Winter: Red & Green
05 - Winter: Long Shadows
06 - Somewhere Along the Road
07 - What Had You for Supper?
08 - Saucy Sailor
09 - The Fabled Hare
10 - Deep in the Darkest Night
11 - Boys of Bedlam
12 - Twa Corbies

Maddy Prior: vocals
Nick Holland: piano keyboards, Hammond BVs
Richard Lee: double bass
Rick Kemp: bass on [7]
Mick Dyche: acoustic guitars
Martin Loveday: cello
Liam Genockey: percussion
Andy Watts: shawms on [2], recorder on [4]
John Dochary: bass BVs

Left Blank's Compil Folk 17

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Päre - Hausjärvi beat (2016 Finland) @320

There used to be such a thing as Finnish bagpipes, but the instrument sank into obscurity for 200 years until Petri Prauda (also known as a player of stringed instruments in Frigg, Hyperborea, etc.) had the notion of re-creating it with instrument builder Yrjänä Ermala. Accordingly, Hausjärvi beat marks the recording debut not only of the band named Päre but also of the Finnish bagpipes – and a groovy debut it is, too.

This is a disc of delightfully pompous acoustic stadium folk that without any doubt will have people dancing. Described as all-natural ethno-disco, the repertoire consists of repetitive kantele and jouhikko tunes and fiddle melodies from both Finnish-speaking and Swedish-speaking regions of Finland.

Everything is bound together by the band’s watertight ensemble work and particularly the rich sound world of the rarer instruments: not only Prauda on the bagpipes but also Tapani Varis on the jaw harps, folk clarinet (liru) and overtone flute, Piia Kleemola on the violin and octave violin, Jarmo Romppanen on the ten-string mandola. Everything floats over the percussion kit intricately managed by Oskari Lehtonen.

Hausjärvi beat by Päre was worth waiting for – after two centuries the bagpipes ride again!
Amanda Kauranne
Translation: Jaakko Mäntyjärvi

1. Hausjärvi Beat 
2. Karhunpeijaispolska / voi minuu, polone poiga 
3. Gammal vals från Lappträsk / Långdans 
4. Menuetti Oravaisista / Polska Bromarvista 
5.Åttastjillingspolskan / Polska från Lappfjärd 
6. Trepatska 
7.Laulu / Pajatusta / 666 
8. Pielijärvi

Piia Kleemola - viulu, oktaaviviulu, 15-kielinen kantele
Oskari Lehtonen - lyömäsoittimet
Petri Prauda - suomalainen säkkipilli
Jarmo Romppanen - 10-kielinen mandola
Tapani Varis - liru, munniharppu, pitkähuilu

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Riobó - Riobó (2011 Spain / Galicia) @VBR~200

Begoña Riobó is currently one of the most renowned violinists in Galician music. She has an outstanding musical career, has played with Carlos Núñez, Anxo Lorenzo, Susana Seivane, and Sondeseu, amongst others, and is now the first Galician Folk violinist to lead her own band.
"Riobó" is the name of Begoña's group and also the title of the first album, characterised by the virtuosity of the musicians when arranging and interpreting traditional Galician melodies, being faithful to their origins. Thus, each concert is a journey of sensations during which both the deep cultural roots and present day performance formulas live side by side.
Accompanying Begoña in 'Riobó', we have four renowned musicians that garner a solid professional career and participate regularly in the main musical projects in Galicia. They are Fernando Barroso (guitar), Marcos Campos (Gaita, accordion and whistles), Xosé Liz (Bouzouki), and Fernando Pérez (flute and requinta). 

1. Estróupele 6:09
2. Foliada 85 3:22
3. San Campio 7:32
4. Marreco 5:11
5. O Pico 4:12
6. Fox 4:18
7. O Bardo 6:44
8. Mallador 3:47
9. Pasodobre dos 30 2:08
10. Choupana 4:50

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Swordedge - Swordedge [1980 England] @320

01 - Rosemary Lane.mp3
02 - No Pain.mp3
03 - Squire Of Hainborough.mp3
04 - My Ladye Constance.mp3
05 - Brave Wolfe.mp3
06 - Greenfields Of America.mp3
07 - Party On Mars.mp3
08 - Voilà Le Printemps.mp3
09 - The Pavement Artist.mp3
10 - The Shearing's Not For You.mp3

Sue Fenwick (vocals, psaltery, bodhrán)
David Smith (guitar)
Alan Watson, John Davies (vocals, guitar, flute)
Méabh O'Hare: (fiddle)

Left Blank's Compil Folk 15

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