Saturday, June 3, 2017

Riobó - Riobó (2011 Spain / Galicia) @VBR~200

Begoña Riobó is currently one of the most renowned violinists in Galician music. She has an outstanding musical career, has played with Carlos Núñez, Anxo Lorenzo, Susana Seivane, and Sondeseu, amongst others, and is now the first Galician Folk violinist to lead her own band.
"Riobó" is the name of Begoña's group and also the title of the first album, characterised by the virtuosity of the musicians when arranging and interpreting traditional Galician melodies, being faithful to their origins. Thus, each concert is a journey of sensations during which both the deep cultural roots and present day performance formulas live side by side.
Accompanying Begoña in 'Riobó', we have four renowned musicians that garner a solid professional career and participate regularly in the main musical projects in Galicia. They are Fernando Barroso (guitar), Marcos Campos (Gaita, accordion and whistles), Xosé Liz (Bouzouki), and Fernando Pérez (flute and requinta). 

1. Estróupele 6:09
2. Foliada 85 3:22
3. San Campio 7:32
4. Marreco 5:11
5. O Pico 4:12
6. Fox 4:18
7. O Bardo 6:44
8. Mallador 3:47
9. Pasodobre dos 30 2:08
10. Choupana 4:50


Yojik said...
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Karin said...

This is wonderful music, thanks so much for opening my ears to it.
Her CDs are pretty hard to find in the UK though - anybody got any suggestions where I could get them (the actual CDs, not just a download)?

Esdras Aguilar said...

Hola!, podras subir el album de ROIbo nuevamente, lo eliminaron del link, gracias y la pagina esta genial!!!!!!!

CrimsonKing said...



Esdras Aguilar said...

Millones de Gracias!!!!!La Pagina esta super!!!

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