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Steeleye Span - Wintersmith Deluxe Edition 2 CDs (England 2013-2014) @320

Steeleye Span’s latest offering is a collaboration with none other than Terry Pratchett, best known for his the Discworld series of novels. Terry is a self-declared Spanner and has been since his adolescence: “my mate Dave put me between two huge speakers and turned everything up to eleven. He played Boys of Bedlam until the chimney wobbled”. He’s been hooked ever since. Steeleye Span also played at Terry’s sixtieth birthday, it was after hearing that Maddy was a fan of his work that he proposed a collaboration to weave in some words of his own into their songs. The result is Wintersmith an album that is already topping the Amazon English folk album charts!

Wintersmith is a concept album based on Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching series so those of you that have read the novels will be familiar with the 13 years old Tiffany who in Wintersmith joins in the secret dark morris, the morris dance performed wearing black clothes and octiron bells that welcomes in the winter. She ends up coming face to face with the very face of winter himself. You can’t miss the cover which features Dark Morris on a backdrop of winter woods, the perfect eye-catching image for the tales of ancient rituals and secret folk dances that lie within.

Although the album can still be enjoyed without having read the novels, those that have will form an instant association with the songs. This comes as a bonus as you’ll understand the significance of songs through characters such as The Summer Lady with whom Tiffany shares some powers.

This is folk rock and in places, especially in the opening it is with a capital ‘R’. A quick grab for the sleeve notes reveals that production was handed to Chris Tsangarides who has names such as Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Gary Moore under his belt…well, if you’re going to rock you may as well do it right.

Before you run for the hills there are folkier offerings such as ‘You‘ which features the Northumbrian Pipes of guest musician Kathryn Tickell. Band of Teachers also hikes up the folk offering still more with the help of Maddy’s fine vocals, lovely harmonies, a catchy rhythm and Peter Knight’s fine dancing fiddle solo. Besides Kathryn other guests feature including John Spiers on Melodeon and of course Terry Pratchett on vocals whose spoken words on ‘The Good Witch‘ will bring a smile to the face of many Pratchett fans as he talks of the loneliness and hard work involved in being a witch.

The album, despite the dark elements also has lighter moments which will be more obvious to those that know the characters such as the Nac Mac Feegle who are best described as Glaswegian fairy folk who like to drink and fight.

As a concept album it has that feel of being made for a stage production and I’m not suggesting it will become one but with sixteen tracks on offer it must have crossed peoples minds! Spanners will be pleased with the album and Pratchett fans will also be heading for it in droves. There will no doubt be some crossover along the way with CDs and novels exchanging hands…a perfectly matched offering!

Original CD
01 - Ouverture: Ancient Eyes & The Dark Morris Tune (2.10)
02 - The Dark Morris Song (4.01)
03 - Wintersmith (4.38)
04 - You (3.24)
05 - The Good Witch (3.50)
06 - Band of Teachers (3.46)
07 - The Wee Free Men (2.18)
08 - Hiver (3.25)
09 - Fire & Ice (5.14)
10 - The Making of a Man (4.04)
11 - Crown of Ice (4.05)
12 - First Dance (4.44)
13 - The Dark Morris Tune (5.30)
14 - The Summer Lady (3.54)
15 - Ancient Eyes (4.38)
16 - We Shall Wear Midnight (4.09)

Deluxe Edition Bonus CD
01 - To Be Human (4.11)
02 - Be Careful What You Wish For (5.48)
03 - Granny Aching (2.33)
04 - Just One Heart (4.25)
Live Recordings from the 2013 Wintersmith Tour
05 - You (2.44)
06 - Ancient Eyes (3.26)
07 - The Dark Morris Tune (3.04)
08 - The Dark Morris Song (4.12)
09 - The Making of a Man (3.59)
10 - Crown of Ice (4.19)
11 - Summer Lady (4.12)
12 - We Shall Wear Midnight (4.24)
13 - Ancient Eyes (3.12)
14 - The Wee Free Men (2.23)

Maddy Prior: vocals
Peter Knight: violin, keyboard, vocals
Rick Kemp: bass, vocals
Liam Genockey: drums, percussion
Julian Littman: electric guitars, vocals
Pete Zorn: acoustic guitar, mandolin, vocals, saxophone
Terry Pratchett: Voice
Kathryn Tickell: Noerthumbrian Pipes
Bob Johnson: Vocals
John Spiers: Melodeon

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Spontus - Spontus (2010 France) @320

This 4th album extends the approach undertaken in the previous one: music to listen to while dancing, or music to dance that is listening! A music that often flies to new sounds but always lands in a fest-noz when the violin and the kan and diskan guitar, or the accordion and the double bass play with the bombard and the biniou. In this disc, Spontus reveals a very personal universe, a universe impregnated by the quest for style, with very pronounced references, a universe also born of a complicity created by these years of common life ...

01 - Wanig
02 - Indécis'8
03 - An dro
04 - Gavotte tamm kentañ
05 - Gavotte tamm kreiz
06 - Gavotte tamm diwezhañ
07 - Lili
08 - Louloudéac
09 - Les hirondelles
10 - Ridécallées

Alan Paranthoën: violon
Youen Paranthoën: accordéon
Erwan Bérenguer: guitares acoustique et électrique
Yann Le Bozec: contrebasse,basse électrique

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Spontus - An Huneour (2014 France) @320

"Spontus has made people dance in all corners of Brittany since 1996. The band plays a renewed traditional dance music. A boundless creativity witch strengthens the link between musicians and dancers. The band offers a large repertoire of dances from western and eastern Brittany, constantly refering to a common set of dances. The musicians draw their music out of the 4 albums they have realesed to make people dance. They keep a fair share of improvisation and interaction with dancers when it comes to the choice of repertoire."
Collectif Klam

01- Marius (Ridee de guillac)
02- Les vacances Mr Joe #1 (Avant2)
03- J'avais pas dix ans (Tour)
04- Les vacances de Mr Joe #2 (Bal de Rhuys). La suite du séjour de l'accordéoniste irlandais, dans le sud du 56
05- J'ai dix beaux petits moutons noirs (Pilé)
06- Chacun ses chiottes sèches et son chaux chanvre (pachpi)
07- An huneour (Kost Er hoet).
08- Sous le soleil de Keguestenen (Baleu)
09- Reloudeac (Ronde de loudéac)
10- Les pyjamas de cowboy (Riqueniée)
11- Une carrière bien remplie (Mazurka)
12- Avec son violon (Polka)
13- Tonton Jéjé (Laridé Gavotte)

Alan Paranthoën: violon
Youen Paranthoën: accordéon
Erwan Bérenguer: guitares acoustique et électrique
Yann Le Bozec: contrebasse,basse électrique

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Peut-être Jeanne - Peut-être Jeanne (France 2016) @320

This duo of travelers plays with a spontaneous energy, creating their own language. Accordion and clarinet are two old friends who likes to play intimate compositions inspired by traditional music. They also like the smell of wood when dancers feet slip around them.

Raphaël Decoster : Diatonic Accordion
Olivier Catteau : Diatonic Accordion, Clarinets

1. Orchestre de velours 03:46
2. Canopée 04:47
3. Bourrées trois temps 03:23
4. Daddy Longlegs 06:53
5. Bernaches 02:37
6. L'Uomo proeittile 06:11
7. Trafiko jam 04:10
8. Gaivota 05:05
9. Rain inside 05:55
10. Moonlight Sunrise 06:35
11. Marcel moustache 04:51
12. Le cristal incommensurable 05:50

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Tapage - Tapage (France 1997) @192

1. La Cabale / Retour d'automne / La Cabale Bourrées à 3 temps
2. Bourrée à Stéphane / Pacotille Bourrées à 2 temps
3. Gabhaim molta Bride / Copsa Mica Chant Gaëlic - scottisch
4. Le bois de brumes / La Malgouverne -  Bourrées à 2 temps
5. Valse à Fleuret / Les blés verts - Valses
6. La Bonne Dame / Geneviève - Bourrées à 3 temps
7. Shpil-je mir a lidele in Yidish / Le petit manteau rouge Chant - Polka
8. L'emeraude / Badinerie - Scottisch
9. Frou - Frou - Valse
10. Dix cors / Max et Manu - Bourrées à 2 temps
11. La malmariée - Chant
12. Galipette - Polka
13. P'tit bout de valse / Les Tournesols Valse - Bourrée à 3 temps
14. Le soir venu / Les Héritiers Scottsich - Bourrée à 2 temps
15. Tapage Bourrée à 2 temps

Christelle DURAND : Accordéons G/C/# et D/G/#. (Castagnari, Borelli)
Régis DUPUIS : Cornemuse 20 pouces. (Serge Durin) Accordéons G/C/# et C#/D. (Bertrand Gaillard, Castagnari remanié)
Stéphane DURAND : Vielles acoustique et électro-acoustique. (Bernard Kerboeuf , Denis Siora) Batterie électronique
avec les aimables interventions de :
Brigitte DUPUIS au chant,
Dominique MOLLET à la contrebasse,
Jean VEDRINE au piano,
Sonia ROGOWSKI à la clarinette.

Tapage - Partage Nocturne (2000 France) @192

Bourbonno-European trip for a trio of finesse 'Carried away by the whirlwind of a polka or lulled by a lament, trained by the jerky rhythm of a bourrée or bewitched by a Gaelic chant, the genres succeed each other with the same dexterity. A hurdy-gurdy, a diatonic and a bagpipes, it takes no more to give superb colors to traditional melodies, drawn from imaginary sources to compose others all equally remarkable, exploring the musical richness of elsewhere.

01 - Ratatam (bourrée à 3 temps) - La Cassure (bourrée à 2 temps)
02 - Rue des Prés - La Courtisane (scottishes)
03 - Pirouette Cacahuète (polka)
04 - Mascarade (bourrée à 2 temps)
05 - L'Egarée (mazurka)
06 - L'Embuscade - Chamade (bourrées à 2 temps)
07 - Les Ouvriers (chant)
08 - Sir Laurence (scottish orientale)
09 - Valse pour Céline
10 - Brasero (scottish)
11 - Funambule (air lent)
12 - My Youngest Son (chant) - Tamlin (reel)
13 - Lassitude (valse)

Accordion – Christelle Durand
Bagpipes – Régis Dupuis
Vielle – Stéphane Durand

Left Blank's Compil Folk 19


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