Saturday, July 8, 2017

Peut-être Jeanne - Peut-être Jeanne (France 2016) @320

This duo of travelers plays with a spontaneous energy, creating their own language. Accordion and clarinet are two old friends who likes to play intimate compositions inspired by traditional music. They also like the smell of wood when dancers feet slip around them.

Raphaël Decoster : Diatonic Accordion
Olivier Catteau : Diatonic Accordion, Clarinets

1. Orchestre de velours 03:46
2. Canopée 04:47
3. Bourrées trois temps 03:23
4. Daddy Longlegs 06:53
5. Bernaches 02:37
6. L'Uomo proeittile 06:11
7. Trafiko jam 04:10
8. Gaivota 05:05
9. Rain inside 05:55
10. Moonlight Sunrise 06:35
11. Marcel moustache 04:51
12. Le cristal incommensurable 05:50


Yojik said...

Peut-être Jeanne

elad Ophir said...

Cheers brother.

maconheiro said...

Very Nice, Thanks

David Bruce-Casares said...

Link please? :-)

CrimsonKing said...

In the first comment.

David Bruce-Casares said...

Thanks, but there was only an upload option when I tried previously. Okay, maybe next time. Thanks anyway. :-)

David Bruce-Casares said...

Oops… my apologies. I didn't scroll down far enough (on hosting page).

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