Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Spontus - Spontus (2010 France) @320

This 4th album extends the approach undertaken in the previous one: music to listen to while dancing, or music to dance that is listening! A music that often flies to new sounds but always lands in a fest-noz when the violin and the kan and diskan guitar, or the accordion and the double bass play with the bombard and the biniou. In this disc, Spontus reveals a very personal universe, a universe impregnated by the quest for style, with very pronounced references, a universe also born of a complicity created by these years of common life ...

01 - Wanig
02 - Indécis'8
03 - An dro
04 - Gavotte tamm kentañ
05 - Gavotte tamm kreiz
06 - Gavotte tamm diwezhañ
07 - Lili
08 - Louloudéac
09 - Les hirondelles
10 - Ridécallées

Alan Paranthoën: violon
Youen Paranthoën: accordéon
Erwan Bérenguer: guitares acoustique et électrique
Yann Le Bozec: contrebasse,basse électrique


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