Sunday, July 2, 2017

Tapage - Partage Nocturne (2000 France) @192

Bourbonno-European trip for a trio of finesse 'Carried away by the whirlwind of a polka or lulled by a lament, trained by the jerky rhythm of a bourrée or bewitched by a Gaelic chant, the genres succeed each other with the same dexterity. A hurdy-gurdy, a diatonic and a bagpipes, it takes no more to give superb colors to traditional melodies, drawn from imaginary sources to compose others all equally remarkable, exploring the musical richness of elsewhere.

01 - Ratatam (bourrée à 3 temps) - La Cassure (bourrée à 2 temps)
02 - Rue des Prés - La Courtisane (scottishes)
03 - Pirouette Cacahuète (polka)
04 - Mascarade (bourrée à 2 temps)
05 - L'Egarée (mazurka)
06 - L'Embuscade - Chamade (bourrées à 2 temps)
07 - Les Ouvriers (chant)
08 - Sir Laurence (scottish orientale)
09 - Valse pour Céline
10 - Brasero (scottish)
11 - Funambule (air lent)
12 - My Youngest Son (chant) - Tamlin (reel)
13 - Lassitude (valse)

Accordion – Christelle Durand
Bagpipes – Régis Dupuis
Vielle – Stéphane Durand


CrimsonKing said...

Partage Nocturne

Yojik said...

Great album. Thanks so much, CK!

gregosgregos said...

Excellent album de Folk Français !
" Lassitude " fait partie de mes valses préférées...
Merci pour le re-up ;)

CrimsonKing said...

Tks friend. I have it only in 192K.
I searched for a better version but did not find it. :(

Gerben Vos said...

Thanks a lot!

According to and other sources, there should also be a track "La fronde / poupette". Does anyone have that? These bourrées happen to be favourites of mine...

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