Monday, August 21, 2017

Aligot Elements - Le Signal Du Luguet (France 2003) @320

Among modern music, that of Aligot Elements itself as a directory cocktail from the soil of the mountains of Auvergne and the center of France, original grooves and acoustic compositions as well as "hat exits" as so many reflections of these sources sent through their imagination on their instruments ...
Aligot Elements surprises every piece of seeing, playing swing between melodies and songs rooted and colors, sounds located in the most current "universal" (Funk, Rock, Jazz ...). From the wild energy of volcanoes at the nonchalant swing ballads, the sextet Aligot Elements takes the listener ears and feet awakened in a seeded passion and discovery route.

01 - Zarbi des burons
02 - L'eau de roche
03 - Pleine lune
04 - Mema lo matin
05 - Orgues et trompettes
06 - Mazurka
07 - Filer sous le vent
08 - La grand bête
09 - Vers mon étoile
10 - Sur la Dordogne
11 - Le signal du Luguet
12 - Remix
13 - Bonus track

François BREUGNOT : violons, sax soprano, chant
Jean-Paul FAURIE : contrebasse
Philippe FAURIE : guitares, chant
Richard HÉRY : batterie, percussions, clarinette basse
Sylvie MATHÉ : vielle, chant
Fabrice PLANCHAT : violon alto, accordéon diatonique, cornemuses
Didier LAMAZE : sax ténor et alto, clarinette

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