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Bifólc - Bal Fólc (Italy 2012) @320

A pair of musicians attracted by traditional popular culture and by a glass or two of good red wine, all the better if in an old fashioned pub around a table with good friends, playing music and telling tales...
In december 2006 Stefano Guagnini and Gianluca Cavallotto become Bifòlc.
Their repertoire? A beautiful mixture of music and songs that invite dancing and listening alike. These are from regions such as Piedmont, the Occitan regions of both France and Italy( Italian Occitan valleys, Quercy, Auvergne, Gascoigne) and all the way to Poitou, Vandée and Brittany.
In other words, all the necessary ingredients for a “bal fòlc”, a street party or more simply

    ...a cellar drinking session !

A collection of songs, dances and traditional melodies from South Western france.
Stefano Guagnini: Violino, Boha, Musette 16 pouces, voce
Gianluca Cavallotto: Organetto, Tambourin, Voce

1. La nostra arca (Branle de la La Vallée d'Ossau)
2. Seguida de Borreias (suite Bourrées Planières)
3. De tonneibs a marmande (Branle de l`Haut-Agenais)
4. Congos
5. Lou mes mai (Rond du Quercy)
6. Branle en couple (Vallée d'Ossau)
7. Escotish
8. Seguida de Borreias (suite Bourrées d`Auvergne)
9. Rondeu de samatan (suite Suite Rondeaux du Savès)
10. Chansons de nau (suite Rondeaux des Landes)
11. Un berger se proumenabo (Branle de la La Vallée d'Ossau)

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