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Ronan Le Bars, Nicolas Quemener - Bimis Ag Ol (Brittany 1997) [256m4a]

Ronan Le Bars, born April 20, 1968 in Guingamp, Côtes-d'Armor, is a French musician of Breton culture, renowned for his virtuosity in uilleann pipes, bagpipes and low whistles.

He participated in major Breton formations such as The Celtic Heritage, The Celtic Social Club, An Tour-Tan, Celtictals, Celtic Procession. He works with the greatest Breton artists, Alan Stivell, Dan Ar Braz, Red Cardell, Gilles Servat, Gabriel Yacoub, Soig Siberil, Didier Squiban, Manu Lann-Huel, Jacques Pellen and the Boclé brothers. He is also present on the albums of Deep Forest, Johnny Hallyday, Claude Nougaro, Renaud, Yann Tiersen, Stephan Eicher, Michel Polnareff...

Nicolas Quemener , born in August 1964 in Beaufort-en-Vallée ( Maine-et-Loire ), is a French musician, recognized guitarist in Celtic music , playing in open agreement . Guitarist soloist, he also has the talent of creativity and accompaniment. He has accompanied the great Breton artists ( Gilles Servat , Dan Ar Braz within the Celtic Heritage , Ronan Le Bars ) and participated in Celtic music groups such as Arcady , Skeduz , Kornog , Orion , Hudel, Pennoù Skoulm . He played on stage with Jackie Daly & Johann Mc Donagh , Donal Lunny , Martin O'Connor , Ronny Drew , and several Irish singers like Frances Black , Niamh Parsons and Rita Connolly .

He lived his childhood in the region of Angers and spent his holidays in Brittany, his father being a native of Camaret. Between the ages of 13 and 16, he studied percussion at the National Music Conservatory of Angers for four years. He listens to Bothy Band and meets Breton and Irish musicians when he visits the Korn-Er-Pont tavern in Guern, which makes him want to play. At the age of 18, a friend offers him a guitar.

Guitarist, flutist and Breton singer, he lived from 1989 to 1992 in Ireland, which enabled him to enrich his musical culture. Playing in the pubs of Galway, he meets the musicians with whom he will form the group Arcady with Connor Keane and Johnny "Ringo" Mc Donagh. In 1990, he began the adventure Arcady, a group with which he made 8 tours in the United States and elsewhere (Western Europe, Canada, Great Britain and Scotland, Scandinavia, Near East, Asia, Japan ...).

Back in Brittany in 1993, Yvon Lefevre proposes to him to found the group of Breton music Skeduz. The group stops in 2001 but goes back on stage from 2007. In 1994, he left Arcady to join the Orion group, replacing the guitarist Soïg Sibéril. In 1995, he became a member of the international Celtic Legacy (50 musicians on stage, including Dan Ar Braz, Capercaillie and Donal Lunny ).

Since 1996, he plays duo with the uillean piper Ronan Le Bars and accompanies the singer Gilles Servat. He also plays with the Kornog , Pennoù Skoulm, Hudel, in duo with accordeonist Audrey Le Jossec or trio with Laurent Papin on saxophone. In 2007 he is the godfather of Celtic Night IV in Caussade. In 2010 he released the album Faoi Blàth with the flutist Ciaran Somers and the violinist Dave Sheridan, two musicians from Carlow County, south of Dublin.

13 tracks recorded in Prat in February 1997 under the artistic direction of Didier Squiban

1. The Leitrim Letter / The Twelves Pins / Jim Donoghue's (reels) 4:09
2. Policeman's Holiday / The Big John Jig (Jigs) 3:01
3. Gloomy Winter Noo Awa (Song) 3:44
4. Kerry Slides (Slides) 3:20
5. Crowley's / McFarley's / The Leitrim Trush (reels) 2:56
6. Thomond Bridge Hornpipe / The Star of the East (hornpipes) 3:58
7. Dark Island (air) 4:11
8. Tim Moloney / Doherty's / The Phoenix Reel (reels) 3:38
9. Bimis Ag Ol / Eddy Kelly's / The Geese in the Bog (jigs) 4:37
10. Solo Uillean Pipe (slow air) 4:38
11. Liverpool Hornpipe / The Friendly Visit (hornpipes) 2:45
12. Jackie's Tune (Song) 3:05
13. The Red Crow / In Memory of Coleman (reels) 3:31

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