Saturday, August 12, 2017

Trio Loubelya - Sogni d'oro (France 2013) @320

(Neo -) trad-jazz-music-of-the-world. This would be a proposal if one were to classify the music of this trio.

Fit labels, neologisms barbarians, who tend to compartmentalize the music, the trio Loubelya, him, took the party to live it fully.
This album is like them: both intimate and eloquent, virtuosic and popular. Moving. Just as the complicity that is created between its members, balls in balls on the roads of Europe. Mazurkas, packed, or circles circassians are outlined, with the background, the bucolic charm of the parks of Lisbon, the landscapes of the South of Italy , the magic of Venice ,the strength of the volcanoes of the Azores or the heat of the coffee shops of Arnaud Bernard in Toulouse.
The breath fumed out of the accordion comes shelter a playground where clarinet and saxophone, sometimes subtle, sometimes playful, defying the round depth of the bass.

Three strong personalities, for sure, Mary Constant, Florent Lalet and Rolland Martinez, who here are based up to form a fourth: the Trio Loubelya.
Loubelya, it means living.

The trio Loubelya it is a harmonious cocktail of original compositions, a touch of emotion, a zest of humour, and a nice complicity for a ball "trad'current" forceful and intimate, combining with finesse the subtle breath of the accordion, the timbre intoxicating, the saxophone, the clarinet delusional and the deep, immersive bass.

1. Gavotte d'Alzen (Gavotte... d'Alzen !)  5:37
2. le Rondeau d'Indron (Rondeau)  4:24
3. Mouchti (Mazurka)  6:47
4. Viccirclette - Love-Love pigeons (Cercles Circassiens)  3:44
5. Piclune (Valse à 5 temps)  5:59
6. Complètement bourrée / Beaucoup trop sobre (Bourrée à 3 temps)  4:07
7. Mazurkamille (Mazurka)  6:16
8. Euforriz (Scottish)  4:28
9. Jeanne (Valse)  6:51
10. Lollypop - Churchill Company (Bourrées 2 temps)  5:12
11. Valzer di Sant'Angelo (Valse à 8 temps) + Vieille Chamelle (Mazurka)  10:48

Camille Passeri: trompette
Rolland Martinez: clarinette, contrebasse
Marie Constant: accordéon diatonique

Bastien Mercier: Violoncelle
Vincent Cazanave-Pin: violons et alto
Florent Lalet: saxophone
Jairo Rodrigues: percussion

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