Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Boréale - Ébène (France 2015) @320

Three musicians with open ears
multi-instrumentalists alerts
that have to heart and keep in mind
offer the ball of smiles and tears, sweat and party...

Has the image of the North pole which merges at its point the meridians of the continents, Boreal kingdom to its axis of musical composition for the dance folk, pulls the strings multiple dances of the World and music of the Earth.

So let's dance waltzes to 5 and 11 times, kost ar it hoat and rond de St Vincent, scottish, circle and mazurka, rondeau, bourrée 3 temps...

But the hume is just as much blues of mali and argentine tango, and trills to Bulgarian and forro nordestin, nervousness flamenco and calypso chaloupé, hip-hop, funky and ska showman...
(google-translate from french, sorry)

1. La Terrona 02:39
2. Persistance reptilienne 05:32
3. Sans le soupir / Avec le sourire 04:40
4. Ze Daninho / Pachamama 04:56
5. Ora Cero 06:02
6. Parités en aparté 03:02
7. Le murmure des lamentations / Alliage à l'amiable 06:53
8. Mama Tierra et le vortex portable 06:50
9. Harlem / Mélanine / Presqu'elle 06:18
10. Poulpe Fiction 05:55
11. Zirkon 04:38

Léo Danais: basses électriques, percussions.
Rémy Tatard : accordéon chromatique, cistre, cetera.
Boris Trouplin : cornemuses (veuze, 16 et 20 pouces), flûtes à bec, steel drum.


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