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Breton & Cyr - Les Grandes Folkloristes Quebecois (2006 Canada) [256m4a]

Gaétane Breton and Richard Cyr. It was the summer of 1974, Quebec gave an appointment to the world francophone for the SuperFrancofête in the old capital. Everywhere, we came into contact with all the continents and we discovered young artists from Quebec from all regions.
Among them was a guy and a girl who had met at the Cégep de Rivière-du-Loup. Gaétanne the Beauceronne of Sainte-Héndine and Richard the louperivois, had begun to sing old songs that had nourished their childhood. Without any other accompaniment than Richard's podorythmia, they enjoyed making shows for their friends and in the cafes of Rivière-du-Loup. And here we invite them to Quebec for the great event. A producer notices them, a first album is launched and the shows accumulate. An adventure of a decade begins that will take them all over the country and in Europe. They become the bearers of tradition, the ambassadors of a traditional Quebec which gives itself a young and contemporary face.
In the early 70s, Quebecois music took on more rocky accents, but with original material. Yes the song can groover in French with music from here. The youth who lived on original Anglophone music or in translation discovered an original rock that was no longer a copy. In the midst of this effervescence, the Breton-Cyr duo distinguished itself. They arrive with a personal repertoire which they have collected for the most part, present themselves without concession, a capella, with a way of singing that comes closest to the tradition. No discount, genuine. And yet it works.
It was not by chance that this success was achieved. Gaétanne Breton and Richard Cyr were young and beautiful, but that is not enough to explain their success. These songs, they loved them deeply, they stuck to the skin as well as if they had been their compositions. The tradition was alive and vibrant. We laughed with the songs of lewd or joking, the complaints moved us, all in the simplicity of an authentic interpretation. The addition of musicians, later, allowed to enrich this sonorous universe while respecting the spirit that animated them. But the 80's arrived. The post-referendum moroseness and the new decade relegated the craze for traditional music. Breton-Cyr could not survive.
But traditional music does not die. People still keep her alive and she comes back. Gaétanne Breton continues to bring her songs and tales to young audiences here and in Europe. Richard Cyr unfortunately died on April 10, 2003. But the influence of the duo continued and remains present in the memories. How many youngsters in their twenties who brought traditional music back to our stage in the mid-90s were fed, in their childhood by the album Breton-Cyr sing and content for the children.
Yves Robitaille

1 Je m'en vais au marché
2 Belle grosse madame
3 Chu pas capable
4 Un ivrogne à table
5 Marie quantitome dominome
6 Le bedeau de St-David
7 Raquette à ramager
8 C'est un p'tit cordonnier
9 La courte pointe
10 C'était un beau p'tit bonhomme
11 Mon mari est malade
12 Je m'en fus dans une auberge
13 Lalam dou dou
14 L'oiseau messager
15 La violette
16 Un p'tit métier
17 Pis l'bonhomme y riait


Skylamb said...

Les Grandes Folkloristes Quebecois
pw: folkyourself

Jon said...

Great duo! I found this album years ago I believe on the defunct blog Time Will Tell Me by Lizardson. I've kind of lost track of it and will enjoy hearing it again.

Skylamb said...

I'm glad you are enjoying!

The 2 albums I had previously were "des mots impossibles a oublier" and "l'integral". I was searching for upgrades to these when I found the album I posted. :-D

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