Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Ciac Boum - Volume 1 (2010 France) @320

This trio, composed of three "road" offers Bal Country music essentially Poitevine (Central West France) and compositions.
They send round before two, not summer, waltzes, and other maraîchines limousines dances ... as if their life depended on it! ... While respecting the spirit of the dance they wear fingertip. And if sometimes a fresh perspective and joyful freedom flies over the floor, is that the old melodies impel them to eternal youth perfume.
Ciac Boum has a solid reputation among dancers in France and Europe, both its singular music exudes cheerfulness, energy and celebration. So, dancers, brace yourselves! We know how it starts, but after...?

1 - Polkas
2 - Demi rond "Les filles de La Rochelle"
3 - Suite d'avant-deux
4 - Scottish des batteries
5 - Pas d'été solo
6 - Maraîchines
7 - Pas d'été à 4
8 - Mazurka à tonton Paul
9 - Avant-deux à Coutant
10 - Marchoise "Allez les filles"
11 - Suite de scottish de Noël
12 - Bransle de l'épine
13 - Bal limousine
14 - Ronde d'avant-deux
15 - La java des dimanches

Christian PACHER : violin, diatonic accordion , vocal
Julien PADOVANI : chromatic accordion , vocal
Paul BOUFFET : guitar, "ciac-boum", vocal


Yojik said...

Volume 1
pass: folkyourself.blogspot.com

Jimmy said...

Muy hermoso tu blog. Un abrazo y muchísimas gracias.

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