Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Duo Massarelli - Musique en Vogue (2013 Italy) @192

This album was kindly offered for download by the artist!

Musique en Vogue contains about 60 minutes of Bal-Folk music, played (and partly composed) by us, the Apulian cousins Carlo and Tommaso Massarelli, who are the musicians of southern Italy (Pizzica pizzca Salentina in primis). 
This work is therefore a brave attempt to explore a different, distant, fascinating music culture that has infected us since the first contact. However, the influences of southern musicality remain evident and can be seen from the use of particular instruments (friscaletto, ciaramella, tamburello), styles, 
techniques and an indispensable spirit of musical contamination.
Duo Massarelli

01 - Mimà (Valse à 5 temps)
02 - Circolo di Famiglia (Cercle Circassien)
03 - Valses pour Sylvie (Valse à 3 temps)
04 - Suite de Bourrées (Bourrée à 3 temps)
05 - Malazurka (Mazurka)
06 - Riso, patate e Polka! (Polka, Polka piquée)
07 - Resistencia (Rondeau)
08 - Escoticha Pizzicata (Scottish)
09 - Suite de Mazurkas (Mazurka)

Tommaso Massarelli: Organetto, Voice
Carlo Massarelli: Organetto, Friscaletti, Whistle, Ciaramella, French Musette, Clarinet, Voice
Fabrizio Filippelli: Classical and Acoustic Guitar
Simone Lombardo: Ghironda, Boha, Fifre
Luca Rampinini: Sax soprano
Andrea Beltramone: Cajon
French Dipierro: Voice
Giuseppe "Pepperino" Lion: Modern tambourine

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