Friday, September 29, 2017

Faraway Folk - Seasonal Man (1975 England) @320

Band founders John and Shirley Turk have had a long (although only modestly successful) career in the folk music business. This is their most notable (but not only) band, and easily represents the apex of their creative output. John Turk lays down some pretty tight fuzzed licks on his Gibson throughout the album, something that is sadly scarce on most of the band’s other albums which instead feature a lot of acoustic strumming and lack the creative ambition he demonstrated here. As the story goes, the Turks spent most of 1974 tending to a friend’s studio, which left them ample time and access to recording equipment. The band responded by recording and releasing the now impossible-to-find cassette ‘Especially for You’ and this LP, both on the obscure RA label.
ClemofNazareth review - Progarchives

1. Seasonal Man
2. The Yule Log
3. Coming Back to Brixham
4. Patterned Moon
5. Summer's End
6. Crow on a Cradle
7. Sparrow
8. Portland Town
9. Cherry Tree Carol
10. Bonny Black Hair

John Turk: guitars (incl. Gibson SR with Fuzz pedal), mandolin, vocal
Adrian Morris: rhythm guitars, harmonica, vocal
Shirley Turk: percussion, vocal
Bryony Smith: bass, banjo, vocal

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