Friday, September 15, 2017

Left Blank's Compil Folk 51


Left Blank said...

I decided to forget the chronological order.

So this is compilation

Folk 51

Anonymous said...

you are playing with our minds you cheeky boy!!

flyra said...

First things first: Thanks a million for your compilations!
Now, what do you mean by 'I decided to forget the chronological order'? How do you enumerate your compilations? Do you mean that you're going to upload your already organized compilations according to your mood at the time of the upload?

Joseph Healy said...

51? I'm confused but eternally grateful, what a wonderful series.

Left Blank said...

The compilations will all be published but not especially in chronological order. The more recent ones obviously have more recent tracks, that's why I decided this.

Anonymous said...

You're doing a great job!!
And we all will try to keep your pace coping with your "new order"
Thanks a lot!!!

Anonymous said...

Left Blank,

Thank you once more for all the work you're putting into this terrific series!

One word of warning: I once put my wives out of order in an informal discussion - there was hell to pay.

But you do exactly as you wish, my friend - we're loving all of it whether in order or out.


Left Blank said...

Thanks to all of you. Please, discover and support the artists. That's also why I do this job.

Joseph Healy said...

My favorite song on Vol. 51 is "Alive".

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