Saturday, September 23, 2017

Les Enfants Terribles - C'est la Vie (France 1970) @320

Gently offered by gregosgregos

Les Enfants Terribles was mostly the "thing" of Alain Feral, singer-songwriter-guitarist, a great 
amateur of joints and an outstanding singer, with a voice tonality to the Pascal Danel (but with balls) and a force of stentor to the Michel Corringe (who will reissue this genius there ??). His group, or rather his community, gathered his wife Luce, brothers and sister Gilles and France Pommier and the solitary Jacques Mouton ... Les Enfants Terribles were born in 1966, and produced until 1969 four Ep precursors of folk songs -rock, with rich and inflamed vocals, supported by acoustic guitars and percussion, sometimes of psychedelic electrical arrangements (the titles of 68 and 69) and with a strong poetic charge. In 1971, Barclay released "C'est la vie", an album, which as tradition wants it then, is a meeting of the Eps, except that this time, the titles are all re-recorded and rearranged. Everything is lighter, more acoustic, the electric guitars leaving the rhythmic for the arabesques. So, "C'est la vie" becomes a real folk album, with a new unity, which, while respecting a "French chanson" tone, is inspired by the British cousins, Incredible String Band in particular. 

01 C'est La Vie
02 Nativité
03 J'ai Peur De Vivre
04 Le Poète Et La Rose
05 Hissez
06 Bonjour Le Petit Jour
07 Sur Un Fil Blanc
08 Wagner
09 Titi8
10 Quand Mon Arbre
11 Monsieur L'Univers
12 Quand On En Aura Marre
13 Clic - Clac
14 Desolee
15 Pas De Roses Pour Rosa
16 Les Fleurs Imaginaires
17 Le Petit Opera De "P'tit Bonhomme"
18 Qu'Est-ce Qu'On S'En Fuit!
19 Longtemps
20 Anachroniques
21 Monsieur L'Univers (Version 45 Tours)
22 Wagner (Version 45 Tours)
23 J'ai Peur De Vivre (Version 45 Tours)
24 Hissez! (Version 45 Tours)
25 Bonjour Le Petit Jour (Version 45 Tours)
26 Nativité (Version 45 Tours)
27 Le Poète Et La Rose (Version 45 Tours)

Alain Féral
Luce Feral
Gilles Paumier
France Paumier
Jacques Mouton


CrimsonKing said...

C'est la Vie

Anonymous said...

Extra avec des bonus

C'est possible le 2e et dernier Album On l'appelle Madame


CrimsonKing said...

Sorry. I don't have this.

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