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Lyradanz - Un Giorno in Ballo [2015 Italy] @320

Thanks Waters for this great contribution!

LyraDanz is a musical project composed of three experienced musicians, members of well-known bands in the Folk music scene both in Italy and abroad.
Since the beginning the main purpose of LyraDanz was to introduce unconventional musical instruments such as the bowed psaltery and the Celtic harp with the aim of experimenting new and unusual sonorities in the Neo-trad genre, usually dominated by bellows-driven instruments. The group first performed on the open stages of the French Festivals “Boulegan à l’Ostal” (April 2013) and “Rencontres Internationales de Luthiers et Maîtres Sonneurs” (July 2013) immediately fascinating the public for the elegance and the freshness of the music proposal. Other concerts for several Italian balfolk associations have followed. LyraDanz gave unofficial concerts also in the important Festivals of Vialfré and Gennetines in Summer 2015, attracting new listeners and followers.
In 2016 LyraDanz has received positive reviews and enthusiastic feedback in the European folk scene by performing mainly in Belgium and in the Netherlands (Valentijnsboombal, Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Geldermalsen, Utrecht, Bornem…), but also in France and Switzerland - and in Italy at the Gran Bal Trad in Vialfré, Isola Folk Festival in Suisio, Zingaria Folk Festival in Bari and Reno Folk Festival in Bologna.
For 2017 concerts are already scheduled in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. At first the group has tested a range of instrumental possibilities through a repertoire of traditional French, Breton and Italian folk dances, afterwards has developed its own peculiar style through original compositions, collected in the album “Un giorno in ballo” (A dancing Day) - a sort of concept album with 12 tracks which mark each hour of the folk dancer’s everyday life - released in October 2015 and distributed by RoxRecords.
What’s more, with great pride, some of the tracks of the CD “Un giorno in ballo” have already entered the Italian balfolk chart ….
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01 - Croissant Bourrée (Bourrée à deux temps)
02 - Dramma allo specchio (Scottish)
03 - Dans le train (Mazurka)
04 - Men at work (Ton simple. Gavotte des montagnes)
05 - Ticket Restaurant (Chapelloise)
06 - Méditation (Valse à 8 temps)
07 - Tavola Rotonda Conversations (Bourrée en cercle)
08 - Daydreamer (Mazurka)
09 - Un salto nel vuoto - Descarbuglies (Cercle Circassien)
10 - Sur le chemin du retour (Valse)
11 - Apértivo cubano (Scottish - Portughese)
12 - Rondeau dei marinai (Rondeau en couple)

Adriano Sangineto: Celtic Harp with nylon and metal strings, Bass Clarinet, Voice
Caterina Sangineto: Bowed Psaltery, Flute, Recorder, Voice, Bodhran, Celtic Harp.
Jacopo Ventura: Acoustic and Classical Guitar, Charango, Voice

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CrimsonKing said...


Un Giorno in Ballo


Yojik said...

Thanks so much, Waters and CK!

Anonymous said...

Thanks CrimsonKing and Waters. Excellent.
And CrimsonKing: I just read 'Third ear guide Celtic music' and have 3 requests from your Folkcollection.
1. Jacky Molard, Patrick Molard and Jacques Pellen - Triptyque
2. Kornog - Premiere
3. Liz Carroll - Lost in the loop.
If you would be so kind? :-)
As always: much appreciation for all who contribute to your blog.

juan manuel muñoz said...

thanks a lot

guregn said...

Great band and nices tunes, I've danced at a concert of this trio & I've buyed this cd!
Many thanks for your job!

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