Saturday, September 30, 2017

Muzsikás - The Prisoner's Song (Hungary 1986) @320

MUZSIKÁS is a name given to musicians playing traditional folk music in Hungarian villages. Their performance is an exciting musical experience where the audience is transferred back to the remote Hungarian village atmosphere where traditions survived through the centuries. Members of the group play and improvise in the style of the old traditional Hungarian folk bands in which the solo violin and the song typically were accompanied by the three-stringed viola and the contrabass. The music of MUZSIKÁS can be characterized as the traditional arrangements of authentic Hungarian folk music featuring a style that is typical of the best village musicians. 
It has nothing in common stylistically with the Gypsy-Hungarian style, but is rather the true folk music of Hungary, the most beautiful melodies of which were considered by Béla Bartók to be equal with the greatest works of music.

01 - Rabnota (Prisoner's Song)
02 - Eddig Vendeg (The Unwelcome Guest)
03 - Azt Gondoltam, Eso Esik (I Thought It Was Raining)
04 - Hidegen Fujnak A Szelek (Cold Winds Are Blowing)
05 - Bujdosodal (Outlaw's Song)
06 - Repulj Madar, Repulj (Fly Bird, Fly)
07 - Regen Volt, Soka Lesz (It Was Long Ago)
08 - Szerelem, Szerelem (Love, Love)
09 - En Csak Azt Csodalom (I Am Only Wondering)
10 - Elment A Madarka (The Bird Has Flown)

Márta Sebestyén: voice, recorder
Sándor Csoóri: bagpipe, viola, hit gardon, koboz, voice
Péter Éri: double bass, buzuki, cello, viola, tambura, zither, Turjkish pipe, voice
Dániel Hamar: double bass
Mihály Sipos: violin
Antal Racz: zither
Levente Szorenyi: drums, bass guitar, voice
Szabolcs Szorenyi: bass guitar
Zoltan Zsurafszki: dance


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The Prisoner's Song

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