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Quimorucru - En Attendant (2006 Canada) [256m4a]

Jean-François Cyr - Violin
Yan Cyr - Guitar, Voice
Marc-Antoine Delarosbil - Drums, Vocals
Steven Delarosbil - Accordion, Harmonica, Ukulele, stricker, Voice
Steve Delarosbil - Mandolin, Banjo, Dobro, Harmonica, Flute, stricker, Voice
Dérick Horth - Bass

(Translation.... FUNNY, please read!  poor Remi!)

Here is the story of Quimorucru .....

Quimorucru, folk group French-speaking Quebecers, but with a slight accent that makes it so nice and sweet to the ear. Arguably these six Gaspé capita Montreal, Laval, Quebec and Rimouski's beautiful, they are cheerleaders. Although a bit scattered, but always ready to put on their backpack for to conquer new audiences and make their festive music and full of all that may sound like a good mood.

It all started one day in July 2002 when the twins Delarosbil (Steve and Steven) had lost their license to fish for cod. They decided to pursue music by buying banjo and kazoo to let out their overflow of creativity. After several shows in the dark slums of the bingo halls of the Baie des Chaleurs, they had the chance to meet a friend named Rémi Whittom who, having been sacked from his job Complaints Officer of the municipality Hope, because he complained himself a little too much his salary conditions, made an immeasurable joy to join them. With little financial means to acquire any instrument, he had to resolve to hit sticks of margarine until they find better. The group sank deeper and deeper into the depths of mediocrity when a savior responding to very sweet name of Marc-Antoine Delarosbil is joining this triumvirate. Of course, being himself a virtuoso of the stick, it took Rémi reconsider the role of the group. An uncle of his mother being taken from arthritis and is unable to bend at least two fingers of his left hand, gave him the object of his dreams which he could cling to the sensitivities of all girls vibrate s' binder before this Adonis every show gives new training. This instrument was in fact, in the words of this uncle, a true Stradivarius made in China in 1985, no less. Thinking to pass money, he put his superb violin for sale on Ebay. Mal took him, a nobody not very familiar with the field of the violin could buy his violin for the magnificent sum of forty-one dollars. For a great chance, a certain Jean-François Cyr Newport and I said Newport, through the Canadian Tire Paspébiac heard Steve laugh at the misfortune of Rémi with the cashier who is actually being his cousin . Taking his courage in both hands, he decided to stand in for her sister to share his talent with the violin and by the same token offer to join the group. It took a time to reconsider the role of Rémi within the group. Quimorucru decided to do a benefit concert to pay him a guitar and put some rhythm in their tunes. Three months later, on the eve of a major show at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Port-Daniel, a major cataclysmic crisis struck the group as twin brothers singers caught the same day a strange virus that attacked without restraint to the vocal cords of the followers of opera. In disaster, the group launched an appeal to all the radio CHNC New Carlisle to find a new singer for the show the next day. Hundreds of people wanted to suddenly call QUIMORUCRU. Some had no real singing talent but could only admire their little naughty and saucy side in the interpretation of the beautiful song the little frog is eventually became a true anthem Gaspé. Others, however, sang well as the Apollo L'Anse aux Gascons prénommant Yan Cyr. In him is embodied the sensuality missing element as the group. However, there was a small problem, Mr Cyr not only excelled as a songwriter that he also played guitar. It is therefore necessary to once again reconsider the role of Rémi within the group. The group then heard five against one that is the next bassist Rémi training. This is the story of a rather unusual group that unites people from 1 to 111 years to his music and has as its motto, let the good times roll, let go and swing the potato bacaisse in the bottom of the wood box.

2006 En Attendant
2007 Quimorucru II
2009 Quimorucru
2010 Encore nous autres (Compilation)

01 - Chemin Du Moulin
02 - Samedi
03 - Cocu
04 - Tendre Et Douce
05 - Tentant
06 - C'est La Faute À Mon Grand-Père
07 - Le Train Pour Pasbebiac
08 - Le Pêcheur
09 - Emmène-Moi
10 - Le Colborne
11 - Ma P'tite Mémé
12 - Asteure J'comprends
13 - La Pilule
14 - En Attendant
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