Monday, October 2, 2017

Muzsikás - Blues for Transylvania (Hungary 1990) @320

Their second domestic release, also with Sebestyen, is part celebration and part commemoration of a troubled history. This recording explores the traditional music of the Romanian region of Transylvania (taken from Hungary after World War I). Even the fast and furious songs have a meditative quality. This is another outstanding release from one of Europe's premier folk ensembles.

01 - Old Song from Somogy
02 - 'Legényes' from Kalotaszeg
03 - My Lord, My Lord
04 - Szapora
05 - Outlaw Song
06 - Dawn Song from Bodonkut
07 - On My Way to Kolozsvár Town
08 - 'Cimbalmos' from Bonchida
09 - Kati-Kata
10 - Old Wedding Song
11 - The Time is Autumn

Sándor Csoóri: Bagpipes, Hurdy Gurdy, Fiddle [Contra Fiddle], Vocals
Dániel Hamar: Bass, Vocals 
Péter Éri: Fiddle [Contra Fiddle], Tambura, Cello, Bombarde, Recorder, Bass, Vocals 
Mihály Sipos: Violin [Lead Violin], Vocals
Márta Sebestyén: Voice, Recorder 

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