Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Simon Simonssons Kvartett - Längs Gamla Stigar Och Färdevägar [1989 SWEDEN] @192

Twisting tunes from a region dominated by dense forests, huge mountains and the
beautiful Älvdalen river. The quartet is made up of Simon Simonsson and Ola Bäckström (fiddles), Ale Möller (bousouki, mouth organ and willow pipe) and Stefan Ekedahl (cello, bagpipes). The CD is a tribute to the self-willed Evertsberg fiddler Ekor Anders, and demonstrates a way of expressing his musical ideas with a broader sonority than can be produced just with fiddles. 

01. Längs gamla stigar och färdevägar / Ekor Anders Andersson
02. Faut Margit lieken / efter E. Britt
03. Vals / e. Pål Karl Persson, E. Åhs
04. Jemsken / e. E. Åhs
05. Dickapolskan / e. E. Britt
06. Silkesvalsen / e. E. Åhs
07. Barkbrödslåten ; Söderstens minne ; Barbro Pers polska
08. Näsvisa / e. Död Erik Andersson
09. Hedningspolskan / e. Ekor Anders Andersson
10. Trollpolskan / e. E. Britt
11. Vals / e. S.A. Svensson
12. Polska / e. Pål Karl Persson
13. Garbergbrudens dödsmarsch ; Marsch / e. S.A. Svensson
14. Vallåtspolska / Ekor Anders Andersson
15. Pappbiten / S. Simonsson ; Polska / e. Pål Karl Persson
16. Polska / Guligs Anders ; Turklåten / e. L. Åhs
17. Död Erik-sviten / e. Död Erik Andersson, S. Simonsson
18. Brudmarsch / e. Ekor Anders Andersson ; Halling

Simon Simonsson: Violin
Ola Bäckström: Violin
Ale Möller: Bouzouki 
Stefan Ekedahl: Cello, Bagpipes


CrimsonKing said...

Längs Gamla Stigar Och Färdevägar

dancer said...
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CrimsonKing said...

Sorry Dancer, I accidentally delete your comment.
Please, add it again.

Anonymous said...

wow this is awesome! i love swap and boot....never knew this existed. this is a very cool prequel to the golden age of mid-90's scandi-folk.
this hidden gem is totally improving my mood after a long boring day at work. somebody get me a beer! thank you so much from NC!

dancer said...

Incredible! Thank you very much CrimsonKing for the upload!

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