Saturday, November 4, 2017

Kornog - Kornog IV (1987 France) @320

Kornog's music is a fire of wood, four stools in front of the hearth of one of these cabarets
as one does not find in the Breton countryside. Kornog is also and above all: The nudity of 
the acoustic draped in the extreme sophistication of the arrangements, the voice of Jamie the Scotsman, the pride of a walking air come from the Vannes and the old age reinvented by the bouzouki, the wooden flute, the violin and the guitar, the proud suppleness of the Plinn ... 
A very dynamic combination of the violin and the flute, framed by an impressive harmonic and rhythmic interlacing "knitted" by the bouzouki and the guitar.

01 - Ma Wee Wee Croodin Doo  03:00
02 - Ridées à six temps  04:08
03 - Wae Be Tae the Orders  04:58
04 - Ton Bale / Laridé de Grand-Champ  03:54
05 - Air du Mené / Ronde de Loudéac  03:18
06 - Let He Who Likes Sing the Glories of War  02:21
07 - Ton Ar Marc'h Houarn Kaer / Dañs Plinn  04:14
08 - Kiowa Flag Song / Ronds de Loudéac  03:25
09 - Suite des Montagnes  03:55
10 - Dañs A Sailheu / En dro  04:20

Flute – Jean-Michel Veillon
Guitar – Gilles Le Bigot
Violin – Christian Lemaître
Vocals, Bouzouki – Jamie McMenemy


CrimsonKing said...

Kornog IV

Yojik said...

Great! Thank you, my friend!

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