Friday, November 3, 2017

Ottopasuuna - Ottopasuuna [1993 Finland] @320

Local tunes mixed with Celtic and bluegrass phrasings trickle through the sensibilities of Helsinki's Sibelius Academy, where Ottopasuuna's members teach. 
Though violinist Kari Reiman also fiddles with Värttinä, these musicians aren't exactly wild, except in a reserved sub-Arctic kind of way. Accept them as classicists, however, and the disc burst open up into a charming world view that in a subdued fashion does for Finnish folk what the 3 Mustaphas 3 do for klezmer. 
The same care and cleverness that go into arrangements shines on the choice of material, which in true folklorist fashion was unearthed by bandmembers from such obscure sources as a 1914 wax cylinder recording, an acetate disc from the 1930s, and an old music book dating back to the early 1800s.

01 - Tsizikpolkka
02 - Kalmukkisottiisi
03 - Kolmospolska
04 - In dulci jubilo
05 - Hippavalta
06 - Kiisken polska
07 - Varpunen
08 - Tyyskä
09 - Polska
10 - Viialan vanhaa kansaa
11 - Honkolan mamman kirnumasurkka
12 - Oira
13 - Limperin polska
14 - Vibergin masurkka
15 - Sudenrita
16 - Lukkarin valssi
17 - Havulintu

Kari Reiman: Fiddle
Kurt Lindblad: Flute, Whistle, Bagpipes [Estonian], Clarinet
Petri Hakala: Mandocello, Mandolin [Octave], Mandolin, Guitar
Kimmo Pohjonen: Melodeon, Harmonica, Marimba


CrimsonKing said...


Anonymous said...

thanks! another fantastic mid-nineties scandi-folk record i had never heard of.
currently jamming this now trying to finish up work and looking forward to the end of the work day.
cheers from N.C.

gregosgregos said...

Belle découverte, ce groupe folk Finlandais !

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