Monday, November 27, 2017

Pekel - Oost West Thuis Best (Netherlands 2000) @192

1. Oost West, Thuis Best!     4:29
2. Horlepiep     3:11
3. Groenelands Straatjes     4:47
4. Westzuidwest Van Ameland     3:34
5. Brief Aan Isabel     3:49
6. Van Toeters En Van Belle!     3:32
7. De Zee     4:37
8. Kaap'ren Varen     3:00
9. Raasdonders Met Spek     3:57
10. De Garrenkwak     2:37
11. Je Went Zo Aan De Kade     6:36
12. Wilhelmus     1:52

Erno Korpershoek - Accordion, Keyboards, Vocals
Theo Schuurmans - Bagpipes, Tin Whistle, Low Whistle, Flute, Bodhrán, Drum, Harp, Jug, Jew's Harp, Uilleann Pipes, Vocals
Peter Moree - Guitar, Cittern, Charango, Bagpipes, Flute, Vocals
John Bazuijnen - Lead Vocals, Contrabass, Guitar, Tambourine, Bells, Cymbal
Kees Wagenaar - Lead Vocals, Hurdy Gurdy, Accordion, Triangle


Yojik said...

Oost West Thuis Best

Unknown said...

Thanks Yojik!

I do not know this one. Looking forward to this.
If you are looking for other Dutch folk? Maybe I can help? Let me know. Who knows?

Jan (Netherlands)

Yojik said...

Thank You, Jan. I'm not very familiar with the Dutch folk scene. I like modern Bal folk groups such as Lirio, Gonnagles, Té. Can have some advice from Dutch bal folk?

Anonymous said...

Hi Yojik. I am not very familiar with Dutch balfolk. Here is a link from a dutch site about balfolk in the Netherlands. I don't know if it is possible to translate the site, but there is a list with dutch balfolk groups and you can contact them. So maybe it will help you. Good luck!
All the best. Jan

Yojik said...

Many thanks, Jan!

Anonymous said...

file deleted (x_x)

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